Introduction to Psychology

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Rux
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 08:00
End: 09:15
Field Work: Day 4 | Spain Download Syllabus

This course is designed to provide a general overview of the field of psychology. As such there will be an attempt to examine the wide range of areas in which psychological knowledge exists, including, but not limited to: research methodology, biological and social factors influencing behavior such as culture, states of consciousness, human development, learning, memory, personality and abnormal behavior. This class will focus on critical thinking about these topics with a special focus on cross-cultural research related to the cultures in the scheduled port visits.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 4

The building, Teatre-Museu Dali, and its fabulous contents provide a multidimensional experience for all the senses. While reliving, through imagination and present-time experiencing, Dali's cultural heritage, we will explore how artistic and creative intelligence uses art as an expression of psychological archetypes as well as a commentary on the social and political present.