Introduction to Public Health

Discipline: Public Health
Instructor: Ropka
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Work: Day 1 - Thursday, 22 October | Morocco Download Syllabus

This course is an introduction to the population health approach to public health.  It is designed to expose students to a foundational knowledge of U.S. & global public health, and develop an appreciation of how public health knowledge relates to their lives. It is an overview of the basic principles of public health practice: principles of evidence-based public health and tools for implementation, including health communications and informatics; applications of social and behavioral sciences; and health policy, law, and ethics.  Methods for addressing non-communicable diseases and communicable diseases are introduced.  An overview of the U.S. health care system and comparison with health care systems in other countries are explored, as well as public health institutions and systems.  This course can often be used to fulfill a social science requirement.

Field Work

Country: Morocco
Day: 1 - Thursday, 22 October