Introduction to Theatre (Section 1)

Discipline: Theatre
Instructor: Euell
Credits: 3

Field Work: Introduction to Theatre (Section 1)
Prerequisites: None

In this highly participatory introductory course, students will explore diverse expressions of the theatrical art form. We will discover what theater is, who creates it, and how it evolves during its collaborative journey from the page to the stage. Course participants will examine theater’s historical role in society particularly in social transformation through the lens of diverse cultures, many of which we’ll encounter during our voyage.

Students will sharpen their analytical skills through reading and discussing scripts by playwrights from countries that we will visit, as well as plays referencing some of the cultural destinations during our voyage. Rajiv Joseph’s acclaimed play Guards at the Taj, about the Taj Mahal is one example. Through writing about the live performances we attend, students will hone their critical writing skills. Participants in this course will also have the opportunity of creating their own original short theater performances i.e. monologues and 10 minute plays.

Students will become knowledgeable about theatrical movements and popular genres such as political satire, street theater, puppetry, musical theater and hip-hop theater. Devised theater and dance theater, both classical and contemporary will also be highlighted along with opportunities to experience performances such as Vietnamese Water Puppets. Participants will develop a vocabulary and contextual framework that will allow them to confidently engage with theatrical texts and performances from diverse cultures, resulting in more deeply meaningful theatrical experiences. No prior theater experience is required.

Field Work