Marine Biology (1)

Discipline: Biology
Instructor: Kastendiek
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1425
End: 1540
Field Work: Day 1 - Yokohama - 29 January | Japan Download Syllabus

This course is a general course in Marine Biology. The course will introduce students to the
biological characteristics of marine life and the ecological processes that structure marine
ecosystems. The course will cover basic concepts of physical and chemical oceanography, a
description of the major types of marine communities (e.g., intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, deep-
sea, coral reefs) and discussion of the major groups of marine plants and animals that are found
in these communities. The course is also designed to help students understand and appreciate the
relationship between humans and the sea and to stress the importance of conservation efforts as
they related to the sea’s ecology and biodiversity.

Field Work

Country: Japan
Day: 1 - Yokohama - 29 January

Student will tour the Yokohama Aquarium and observe and discuss the adaptations exhibited by plants and animals from various marine habitats. The students will discuss concepts of convergence and adaptive radiation among groups of plants and animals. Students will also pose questions about how to scientifically determine the adaptive value of what we observe. Academic Objectives:

  1. Relate adaptations to the marine environment described in lecture to living organisms.
  2. Discovery the diversity of organisms living in the sea.
  3. Learn to pose scientific hypotheses concerning morphological and behavioral adaptations.