Marine Biology (Section 1)

Discipline: Biology
Instructor: Schoenherr
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 10:45
End: 12:00
Field Work: Day 1 | Spain Download Syllabus

This is a general course in the biology of marine ecosystems. The course will introduce students to the principles of marine life and processes with an emphasis on evolution and ecology of these systems. It will cover basic concepts of oceanography, and a discussion of marine communities including estuaries, intertidal, subtidal, pelagic, deep sea, black smokers, and coral reefs. It also will feature a discussion and classification of marine organisms and their habitats.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 1

We will Spend our time sighting whales and dolphins in the strait between Spain and Africa. Whilst aboard the vessel  we may see Pilot whales, Sperm whales, Common and Bottlenose dolphins. We set sail from Tarifa, the Southern-most town on the Spanish mainland, and  lookout point to Africa.  We will enjoy a 2 hour excursion aboard a whalewatching vessel.  We will have our own marine biologist accompanying us throughout the boat trip to inform us on the marine wildlife in the gateway to the Mediterranean and to comment on each sighting.