Marine Biology

Discipline: Biology
Instructor: Abel
Credits: 3
Day: null
Start: 13:55
End: 15:10
Field Work: Day 1 | Croatia Download Syllabus

This course is an introduction to organisms living in saltwater ecosystems. Topics include in-depth studies of marine ecosystems and organisms, including physiology, behavior, and ecology. Emphases will be placed on marine environmental issues and the adaptive and evolutionary mechanisms of organisms that allow them to occupy marine habitats. Field practica include trips to local habitats, aquaria, seafood markets, and fishing fleets.

Field Work

Country: Croatia
Day: 1

Science, it is said, is learned in the field and the library and, as much as I like libraries, this trip is to the former. We'll slip into some kayaks and tour a section of Dubrovnik's coast. Then will stop at key locations, don our snorkel gear, get aquatic, and make friends with the cool critters we've studied (and some we haven't). This is no ecotourism experience, however. The goal of this practicum is to reinforce knowledge of marine ecosystems and to do what a scientist does: observe, question, think, and hypothesize, all while exploring the wondrous Dubrovnik coastal waters. Participants will develop the ability to recognize organisms at various levels of a marine food web and describe adaptations to their environments. Participants will also learn how to describe marine life in various settings (protected coves, open coastline, etc.), develop an understanding of the complexity of an ecosystem, and explore how ecosystems vary in different settings. Please note: Participants must know how to swim and should have some previous snorkeling experience. Previous kayaking experience is a plus. Be sure to wear your swimsuit underneath your clothing and bring a towel and sunscreen, and perhaps a waterproof camera.