Discipline: Marketing
Instructor: Markley Rountree
Credits: 3

Field Work: Marketing
Prerequisites: One (1) lower-division principles of microeconomics course AND one (1) lower-division calculus course

Every area of an organization needs a solid understanding of the traditional tried-and-true marketing concepts and practices to help an organization function by focusing on the creation of value!  Today’s marketers have to focus on the new-age tools for engaging consumers, building brands, and creating relationships. This course is designed to serve as an introduction to these principles of marketing and their use in the development of marketing strategy. In the class, we will learn to “think like a marketer” and ask strategic questions like “What does the consumer need?” versus “What does the consumer want?” Digging deeper, we will explore other critical themes such as the value of market research in defining possible segments and how the marketing mix is used to target them effectively, the power and importance of social and digital media, and sustainable marketing around the globe – especially in the countries visited by Semester at Sea. Using lectures, group work, and presentations, the course will help you to identify human and social needs and develop strategies for creating, communicating, and delivering value in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders.

Field Work