Marketing (Section 2) [CRN 81251]

Discipline: Marketing
Instructor: Ayala Taylor
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1230
End: 1350
Field Work: Day 2 | November 15, 2018 | Vietnam
Prerequisites: One (1) principles of microeconomics course AND one (1) calculus course Download Syllabus

This course provides an overview of all the marketing activities involved in providing consumers with goods and services. More specifically, we will study individual and industrial buyers, product and service development, pricing, promotion, advertising, selling, and distribution.  This course: (1) provides students with an understanding of marketing concepts; (2) applies learned marketing concepts to real world and global situations; and (3) examines the modification of marketing strategy within a changing global environment.


Field Work

Country: Vietnam
Day: 2
Date: November 15, 2018

The class will begin the day by visiting with Adidas executives at their Vietnam headquarter.  We will learn about the development and execution of their global marketing strategy.  Next, we will visit the Pou Yuen Vietnam factory.  Pou Yuen (and their parent company), is the largest shoe manufacturer in the world. Here we will gain a behind the scenes view of the supply chain, manufacturing and production processes required to make Adidas shoes.  The field class will end with a visit to the Adidas store where we will see how the finished products are displayed and sold, gaining first-hand insights into the retail processes required to bring Adidas products to end users.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn the steps required by a global company to define, create, and execute their marketing strategy.
  2. Gain a deeper understanding of the behind the scenes processes (product design, materials sourcing, manufacturing) required to bring products to market.
  3. Examine the impact of merchandising on product sales.