Mixed-Media Travel Journal

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Berg
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1640
End: 1755
Field Work: Day 4 - Oslo - Sunday, 20 July | Norway
Prerequisites: Successful completion of a college level Drawing, Painting, Art Foundation or Design class recommended. Download Syllabus

This class will focus on creating a visual record of daily life aboard ship and of cultural studies in port cities. Students will keep a journal-sketchbook in which they will practice mix-media techniques to sketch with in port cities. They will use this sketchbook, along with collected ephemera and photo references as a basis for a mixed- media “accordion” style journal /sketchbook. We will cover basic drawing and painting foundations including drawing from observation; perspective and proportions of the human form; opaque and transparent paint techniques; color theory; and collage. In addition to completing a unique and personal record of the voyage in their journal, students will present the more developed mixed-media freestanding accordion sketchbook in a gallery setting on board.

Field Work

Country: Norway
Day: 4 - Oslo - Sunday, 20 July

After a brief meeting on board to discuss our itinerary and day’s focus, we will start our adventure on Bygday Island where there is situated 150 well preserved buildings moved here from all over Norway, revealing distinctive regional styles. Here we will learn about the unique architecture of Norway’s past with a particular focus on the remarkable 12th century wooden churches. We will spend time exploring and working in our sketchbooks drawing the many unique buildings from inside and out. This is a “living museum” and we will have opportunities to watch demonstrations and activities reflecting Norway’s cultural past.  Building up an appetite, we will then jump to the busy marketplace, Mathallan, featuring international and traditional Norwegian food. Here we will feast and take time to make gestural sketches of the busy atmosphere and perhaps some aesthetic food displays. Once we have eaten and explored the market we will meet up to share sketches and notes from Byday Island Norske Folk Museum and the market. From here we will visit the Munch Museum to view and learn more about Norway’s most famous artist and the many different media he worked in. Finally, we will leap into the 21st century and complete our day at the Oslo Opera house. We will view the permanent art installations inside the Opera House and do some sketching as well as sketch the architecture from the exterior. Academic Objectives: 1. Distinguish the different styles of architecture of Norway. 2. Practice perspective sketching and scale/distance relationships in sketchbook drawings. 3. Record, in detail, architectural features; patterns; and color pallets you see that day. 4. Record the style and color pallet used by Munch as well as the variety of media he worked in. 5. Demonstrate the use of mixed-media techniques in an independent 11x14 mixed-media work that visually  synthesizes your Field Lab experience with an emphasis from your architectural drawings.