Mixed Media Painting/Drawing/Collage

Discipline: Studio Art
Instructor: Kim
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Class: Day 1 - Wednesay, 14 January | Hawaii, United States Download Syllabus

This course is designed to explore a variety of media and techniques that will extend the boundaries of a traditional drawing/painting experience. Students will investigate the visual elements of color, pattern and materials used in the various cultures and examine/experiment with numerous ways of personal expression. Students will be using drawings/paintings from their observation and writings from the countries we visit, analyze, select, and incorporate those visual information into their projects. Each project includes multiple studio processes: mixed media drawing/painting, collage, photography and computer based/digital work. This is an upper-level class, but is designed to accommodate students with varied backgrounds in visual arts. Our voyage and ports will provide us with an exciting opportunity to see the differences and similarities in visual language across cultures and types of materials that are used to create art. Slide presentations will provide useful examples of works of Art from the History through Contemporary Art.

Field Class

Country: Hawaii, United States
Day: 1 - Wednesay, 14 January

Students will visit East Hawaii Cultural Center in the morning and learn about the traditional art & culture in Hawaii. Students will write down their responses, questions, feelings on their journal, pick one artwork and write a Field Lab Report on it. In the afternoon, students will visit Liliuokalani Garden, 30-acre Japanese garden which was dedicated to Hawaii's first Japanese immigrants in 1917. (in case of rain, we will visit Wailoa art center in downtown) Students will walk through the arching red bridges, rock garden, pagodas, japanese tea house, and find a spot to make a on-site drawing. There will be a brief group discussion on finished drawings at the end. And students will visit the University of Hawaii at Hilo where professor Jonathan Goebel, a current faculty in charge of printmaking at the university, will introduce their printmaking facility. In the studio, he will talk about the history and different graphic qualities of prints, the process of printmaking, and the visiting artists' projects. Students can learn about different collaborative art projects developed by contemporary printmakers and see the sample artworks in life. Academic Objectives: 1. Students learn about the traditional and local artworks of Hilo. 2. Students develop observational drawing skills from drawing on site. 3. Students learn the process of printmaking and see the wide range of contemporary prints in studio.