Human Nature

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Morris
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1250
End: 1405
Field Work: Day 1 | Morocco
Prerequisites: Introductory Psychology, One Additional Course, or Permission of Instructor Introductory Psychology, One Additional Course, or Permission of Instructor Download Syllabus

This is a course about human nature—the biological and environmental causes of our behavior. We will examine various perspectives on human nature, including neuroscience (brain & behavior), evolutionary psychology, behavior genetics, social psychology, cognitive psychology, and cognitive-behavioral psychology. We will further examine the contributions of each of these perspectives to the emerging field of positive psychology, whose primary focus is the nurturing of human potential and well-being.

Field Work

Country: Morocco
Day: 1

The purpose of our field lab is to deepen your understanding of daily life in a very different, predominately Muslim country.  On Thursday, April 18, we will spend the day at the Center for Cultural Learning in Rabat, discuss various cultural issues with the faculty and staff, and meet with Moroccan college students for the purpose of comparing cultural differences and attitudes between our two countries.  We will also have the opportunity to sample some Moroccan food during our discussions.
Academic Objectives:
  • Among our objectives are a better understanding of socialization and child-rearing practices, the status of women, and the role of religion in Moroccan life and politics.