Negotiating for Value (section 1)

Discipline: Commerce
Instructor: Thomas-Hunt
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 0800
End: 0915
Field Work: Day 1 - Antalya - Wednesday, 3 July | Turkey
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This course will focus upon negotiation, the art and science of securing agreements between two or
more interdependent parties. We will deal with understanding the behavior of individuals, groups, and
organizations in the context of competitive situations. Additionally, we will consider the contextual
influence of culture on negotiations. The course is very experiential and considerable emphasis will be
placed on simulations, role plays, and video cases.

Field Work

Country: Turkey
Day: 1 - Antalya - Wednesday, 3 July

July 3 (Antalya, Turkey) Students will visit the Antalya Culture and Tourism directorate and an overview of the tourism and hospitality industry and discussion with academic experts and practitioners. Next students will have lunch and then travel to a local marketplace where students will spend time observing and negotiating with local vendors. Students will be expected to interact with the vendors, analyze the negotiation techniques used by the vendors, and also use negotiation techniques that they have learned in class with the vendors. Students will have time to discuss persuasion techniques used on them and that they used, the success of those techniques, and the difference between those techniques and those used in United States. Academic Objectives

  1. Learn about the role of negotiations in the history of Antalya
  2. Learn about the tourism and hospitality industry in Antalya
  3. Visit Antalya Culture and Tourism Directorate
  4. Have the opportunity to practice negotiation techniques in a real-world setting in marketplaces in Antalya