New Course in Religion: World Religions (Section 1)

Discipline: Religion General
Instructor: Hollar
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 08:00
End: 09:15
Field Work: Day 1 | Ghana Download Syllabus

This course is a comparative study of the origins, beliefs, and practices of the world’s major religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and indigenous religious traditions (with a focus on Africa). In order to complement the voyage itinerary, a particular focus will be the historic and contemporary interaction of religious traditions in the regions surrounding the Atlantic Ocean. Topics will include study of 1) Christian, Jewish, and Muslim relations in the Iberian Peninsula under Muslim rule (710-1031 CE); 2) the interaction between African traditional religions, Islam, and Christianity in Ghana; 3) the place of religion in struggles against apartheid in South Africa and the abuse of human rights in Argentina, 4) the historic syncretic or creole religious traditions, combining African and Christian elements especially in Brazil.

Field Work

Country: Ghana
Day: 1

Students will visit the Trinity Theological Seminary to meet with its students and faculty. Faculty will be ask to give an introduction to the religious realities in Ghana, and in particular, the challenges presented by the presence of three vibrant religious traditions: African traditional, Islam and Christianity. As well, the faculty and students at the Seminary will be asked to help us understand how the Christianity that flourishes in Ghana is different from that which was brought by the missionaries and how it is enriched by (and challenges) traditional religious beliefs and practices. SAS students will be given the opportunity to engage in dialogue with faculty and students at the Seminary.