Newswriting II

Discipline: Media Studies
Instructor: Gradstein
Credits: 3

Field Work: Day 6 - Thursday, 3 March | India Download Syllabus

Introductory course in news writing, emphasizing editorials, features, and reporting.

In this course students study the application and importance of clear, logical writing necessary for success in journalism. Grammar, language skills and Associated Press style will be introduced and refined.

  • Students will apply the writing process, which includes, data collection, organization, revision, and documentation of news stories.
  • Students will apply Associated Press style to written assignments.
  • Students will value the process of reporting accurate and timely assignments.
  • Students will produce a portfolio of work exhibiting excellence in news writing.

This course introduces the reporting and writing skills that are the basis for non-fiction writing. Discussions will cover: the nature of news; the difference between news and feature writing; the Associated Press stylebook; reference sources; lead writing and the inverted pyramid organizational model; quotations and attribution; and interviewing skills. Essentials and types of writing for the media are examined, as well as ethical and legal issues. Methods of evaluation consist of writing assignments, a midterm examination, a final examination, AP style quizzes, and class participation in the development of a shipboard newspaper/e-newspaper (to economize on shipboard resources). Additionally, students will be asked to find examples of journalism products while visiting in country. Back in the classroom, we will compare journalism practices from country to country as we also consider the U.S. first amendment that affects journalism practices at home.

Field Work

Country: India
Day: 6 - Thursday, 3 March

We will spend about two hours on a river cruise in the Kerala backwaters that will give us a sense of rural life in India. After lunch we will meet with an Indian journalist to discuss the challenges of journalism in India. Students will write either a travel story or a news story about India.

Academic objectives:
1. Observe daily life in Kerala backwaters
2. Practice travel writing
3. Observe local economy