Nonverbal Communication* [CRN 17853]

Discipline: Communication Studies
Instructor: Sink
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1240
End: 1400
Field Work: Day 1 | March 30, 2020 | Ghana
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Nonverbal communication directly enhances intercultural competencies because of its global practical application. Generally, 65% of the communication process is nonverbal in nature. Regardless of discipline or career path, governments, employers and communities need citizens who can understand and accurately send and receive nonverbal communication in both face-to-face situations and through technological media. A vast amount of nonverbal communication is universal, however with a more complexified knowledge base, students will be able to understand intercultural differences and inclusive strategies for successful communication.

Nonverbal Communication will focus on: cross-cultural case studies, gender, implicit bias, contextual and environmental factors, power and status, deception, bodily appearance, and touch. This course is a complimentary mix of communication theory and practical application which students can use immediately to enhance and manage their shipboard interpersonal relationships, virtual communication across the globe, as well as in-port field experiences.

*Note: This class is delivered when lunch is served.

Field Work

Country: Ghana
Day: 1
Date: March 30, 2020