Personality in Culture

Discipline: Psychology
Instructor: Freeman
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 14:30
End: 15:45
Field Work: Day 4 | Argentina Download Syllabus

This course discusses the influences of biology, social environment, and culture on behavioral development. To begin, students will explore temperament, examining the early environmental and psychophysiological precursors to personality formation. Next, students will study and evaluate the major theories concerned with how culture affects psychological development, including international perspectives. To the extent possible, time will be spent in the port countries participating in activities that will enhance students’ understanding of whether, or in what way, personality development is shaped by cultural context.

Field Work

Country: Argentina
Day: 4

We will explore sex differences in personality development based on a semi-structured interview and informal observations. The interview will be created using established personality measures in conjunction with student-developed questions.  Two to four interviews will be conducted with Argentinians from diverse social backgrounds.  Following the interviews, we will conduct informal observations in public venues, such as food markets, cafes, businesses, and, if possible, a soccer (‘football’) match.