Public Speaking

Discipline: Communication Studies
Instructor: TBD
Credits: 3

Field Work: Public Speaking
Prerequisites: None

Great leaders and accomplished individuals often claim that their deepest fear became their strongest asset when they mastered the art of Public Speaking. The ability to effectively present ideas has ensured personal growth and secured public triumphs throughout history. Within the ‘safe space’ of our group, we will discover your unique potential, address shared challenges, and build on your distinctive strengths in the one field that people globally consider their greatest anxiety. Nerves, or even sheer terror, can be overcome through techniques that transform apprehensive novices into powerful communicators. We will refine speechwriting skills, analyze the context and content of great historical orators, explore the secrets of impromptu presentations, hone vocal techniques, and master the art of delivering captivating speeches. ‘Making your case’, not only for yourself, but also for global causes, relies on both self-reflection and an awareness of people and communities around us. Semester at Sea presents you with unique opportunities to witness and learn about humanitarian challenges globally, while also advocating for those who would entrust your voice with their cause. In this course, you will learn not only the art of public speaking and global advocacy, but equally importantly, you will learn about yourself.

Field Work