Religions of the West (Section 1) [CRN 77176]

Discipline: Philosophy and Religious Studies
Instructor: Avrahami
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1340
End: 1500
Field Work: Day 1 - Monday, 10 October | Morocco
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to the three Abrahamic religions. The beliefs, practices, and sacred writings of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam will be discussed. The course will open with the notion of the East as the historical birthplace of the west and will include references to some themes within ancient near eastern religions as well as Greek philosophy. The second part of the course will discuss the mutual influence and development of the three religions. Both similarities and biases between them will be discussed. The third part of the course will focus on the ways that the encounter with other cultures further shaped each of the three religions. Particular attention will be given to shifts in Judaism and Christianity that resulted from reaching out to the New World.

Field Work

Country: Morocco
Day: 1 - Monday, 10 October

We will visit a site of worship for each of the three Abrahamic religions: the Hassan II Mosques, the Cathedrale Sacre-Coeur, and Temple Beth-El. This will provide an opportunity for comparative observation of the architecture, symbolism, and worship in each tradition. Students will get a chance to experience the coexistence of the three traditions in Morocco. Learning objectives:

  1. Students should understand the similarities and differences between the three traditions.
  2. Students should become familiarized with major symbols of the three traditions.
  3. Students should come to question the widespread dichotomy between the Judeo-Christian and the Muslim worlds