Retailing [CRN 27347]

Discipline: Design and Merchandising
Instructor: Hoffman
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1400
End: 1520
Field Work: Day 1 | January 31, 2018 | China
Prerequisites: One (1) principles or fundamentals of marketing course Download Syllabus

This course examines the importance of the retail industry to the U.S. economy and to society as well.  More specifically, this course focuses on the strategic and tactical decisions retail managers must make to satisfy customer needs.

More specifically, this course helps students: (1) understand the types of retailers, the different channels they use, and the buying process retail consumers use when selecting retail outlets and buying merchandise; (2) develop skills in retail marketing strategy, financial strategy, location strategy, and human resource management; (3) understand tactical merchandise decisions such as managing merchandise inventory, purchasing merchandise from vendors, establishing and adjusting retail prices, and formulating the retail communication mix; and (4) appreciate the implementation issues associated with store management such as managing store employees and controlling costs, store layout, design, and visual merchandising, and providing customer service.

This class is also offered as MKT 360, through the CSU Department of Marketing.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 1
Date: January 31, 2018

This field class will compare and contrast three different shopping locations in Shanghai, China. The three locations will include a modern-day shopping mall, a discount format, and a traditional open-air market. More specific details to follow.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understanding the diversity of various forms of retailing, with strategic considerations of each.
2. Compare and contrast three retail operations for location, product mix, target customers, store layout, and visual merchandising.
3. Assess Asian versus western retail practices.