Social and Sustainable Venturing

Discipline: Management
Instructor: Markley Rountree
Credits: 3

Field Work: Social and Sustainable Venturing
Prerequisites: Must be of junior or senior academic standing

The UN General Assembly deemed 2005-2014 the “Decade of Education for Sustainable Development.” The goal was to refocus education on the development of knowledge related to sustainable behaviors such as civic engagement, quality of life, environmental integrity, and economic viability. Social entrepreneurs have stepped up to develop many of the strategies being used to address these topics, looking to create socially and ecologically sustainable value while also seeking to pursue economic opportunity. In this course, we will discover the foundations of social and sustainable venturing by diving into the vast wealth of current topics social entrepreneurs are seeking to tackle such as plastic pollution, waste management, sustainable energy solutions, healthcare, and more. During the course, we will work on first understanding the current plans and strategies these entrepreneurs are using to help resolve or diminish local, national and global issues. Then we will discover and embrace our own internal social entrepreneurs by developing ideas in relation to the places we visit during Semester at Sea. This course will use lectures, fieldwork, group work, and presentations to gain in-depth insight into the major issues faced by our world and the challenges involved in initiating, growing, and managing plans for action.

Field Work