Social Media and Global Change

Discipline: Media Studies
Instructor: Roberts
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1050
End: 1205
Field Class: Day 6 - Monday, 30 March | South Africa Download Syllabus

Students in this course will explore the role of alternative and social media in effecting social change around the world. Students will learn about the historical context of alternative media as a way to view current social change movements on social media and citizen journalism, from historical revolutions to community radio in Africa, to the 2011 Arab Spring and the #bringbackourgirls campaign. A variety of media will be included in the course, connecting flyers and pamphlets to graffiti, music, and of course social media. Comparative examples will be analyzed, allowing students to explore the connections between the various countries visited on the voyage, along with differing perspectives on the nature of social movements. Ultimately this course will attempt to find common themes and differences between both temporally and geographically distant social movements, paying particular attention to the role of technology, political, geographic and economic forces that shape the use of alternative media.

Field Class

Country: South Africa
Day: 6 - Monday, 30 March

Visit to the District Six Museum and Bush Radio. Student will visit the District Six Museum in Cape Town to learn about the forced removal of entire neighborhoods during apartheid. This tour by a former resident of the District Six neighborhood will provide context for the subsequent visit to Bush Radio, a community radio station that was firmly anti-apartheid and broadcast without a license for years in opposition to the apartheid government. Academic Objectives: 1. Students will learn about the effect of apartheid policies on particular neighborhoods and communities. 2. Students will see the workings of a community radio station and learn about its history of activism. 3. Students will put in context the role of a community media organization in social movement.