Introduction to Social Psychology

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Barratt
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1425
End: 1540
Field Work: Day 6 - Kobe - 3 February | Japan
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

This survey course will include social perception, social influence and social relations. The framework will include learning about theoretical perspectives and research methodology. In the context of Semester at Sea, social psychology will be particularly useful as a lens for understanding ways that individuals influence one another, learn in groups, maintains relationships, cooperate with one another, and adapt during interactions. The focus is on the scientific study of individual behavior and thought in social situations. Applied areas that will be addressed include consideration of the social contexts that best promote innovation, problem solving, motivation, altruism, learning, and risk-taking. In the assignments, students will be asked to link theory and concepts to cultures and current events from around the world.

Field Work

Country: Japan
Day: 6 - Kobe - 3 February

Questions will be accumulated in class about aspects of social psychology that will be asked in a cross-cultural context in Kobe, Japan. The areas to be explored will link to social perception, social influence, and social relations. Cross-cutting questions on the social psychology of imagination and innovation will also be included. These questions will be explored in one-on-one conversations as well as small group conversations. We will have conversations on campus, and informally in the context of a collective visit to a cultural or natural site with our host students. Academic Objectives:

  1. Apply social psychology by thinking critically about theory and research in a person-to-person context.
  2. Make person-to-person connections.
  3. Use social psychology as a window for learning about culture in Kobe, Japan.