Special Topics in Engineering: Fluid Dynamic Energy Conversion

Discipline: Engineering
Instructor: Moored
Credits: 3

Field Class: Panama Download Syllabus

This is an undergraduate course on fluid dynamics that focuses on energy conversion and environmental flows. No prior fluid mechanical knowledge is required, however, a mathematical background in multivariable calculus and vector analysis is highly encouraged. Forty percent of the course will develop and present fluid dynamic fundamentals while fourty percent of the course will apply that knowledge to analyze dams and hydroelectric turbines, water distribution, the Panama canal lock system, wind turbines and wind farms. Twenty percent of the course will expose students to cutting-edge fluid dynamics technologies and knowledge. Student will be exposed to vortex induced vibration power, aerodynamic interactions with wind farms, biomimetic wind turbine blades, atmospheric pollution, biogenic mixing and climate change.
Special Requirements:

mathematical background in multivariable calculus and vector analysis is highly encouraged

Field Class

Country: Panama

This field lab will allow students to see an operational hydroelectric plant to attach an experience to the analysis they are performing. They will be able to see the scale of the engineering and the details that are omitted from the course. Students will be able to connect the amount of power generated to a physical experience enhancing their physical intuition for the magnitudes of variables in the calculations they are performing. As a synergistic connection students will be able to experience the environmental impacts of a hydroelectric plant. The Panama Canal Lock system is equally a perfect learning opportunity for students to see fluid statics, Bernoulli's equation and pipe flow in action. They will also experience the connection of such a massive engineering system to other systems such as spillways and the hydroelectric plant.