Storytelling [CRN 77166 course] [CRN 77169 recitation]

Discipline: Theatre
Instructor: Bouchard
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1640
End: 1800
Field Work: Day 1 - Sunday, 13 November | Trinidad and Tobago Download Syllabus

The study and practice of storytelling that investigates the wide range of styles and forms used to express and convey meaning to an audience. Special attention will be given to the diverse storytelling traditions from the regions and peoples of the Atlantic Rim countries and Spanish-speaking South and Central America.  Students will use these investigations to create new works that will be rehearsed and performed throughout the semester.

Note: Section 1 will create new works in English that will be performed for the class and the ship community.

Field Work

Country: Trinidad and Tobago
Day: 1 - Sunday, 13 November

Students will engage in a cultural tour of the island of Trinidad.  Students will participate in a workshop with Trinidadian Calypso storytellers and hear examples of storytelling in the Caribbean tradition.  Students will have an opportunity to appreciate the distinctive qualities of the island storytellers. Students will have opportunities to experience daily life in Port of Spain that they can draw on for the fifth storytelling project. Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the distinctive qualities of Calypso traditional and contemporary storytelling in the Trinidad Tobago tradition
  2. Observe and note the ways that music creates storytelling
  3. Interact and learn from storytelling artists in the Calypso traditions about how story is sustained and created over time and in a historical context of the Caribbean experience.