Theory and Practice of Social Change

Discipline: Sociology
Instructor: Garvey
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1355
End: 1510
Field Work: Day 1 - Tuesday, 12 August | Poland Download Syllabus

Students will study the theory of change and learn how different cultures deal with divergent opinions and the need for reform and improvement.  We will examine social change movements in NGOs, educational organizations, health care reform, linguistic reform, gender roles and other areas of societal change.  Who are the social change activists in the countries we will visit and how do they do their work?  Why are they trying to dedicate their lives to the common good?  This course will require students to compare, contrast and analyze the people, programs and agencies that are deeply involved in social change.

Field Work

Country: Poland
Day: 1 - Tuesday, 12 August

The institution of education plays a central role in social change in most countries.  This program will introduce students to the formal educational system of the Polish Naval Academy and the non-formal process of education practiced in Poland. The trip will feature in-country faculty who will present a lecture and allow students to ask relevant questions. Time will be available for students to interact with local university students in Poland. Academic Objectives:

  1. Gain a deeper understanding of the role education plays in the Polish society
  2. Meet and learn from in-country experts
  3. Interact with local university students and compare and contrast educational systems
  4. Experience the Polish culture by attending the annual St Dominic's Fair in Gdansk