Tourism Impacts [CRN 79595]

Discipline: Natural Resource Recreation and Tourism
Instructor: Gibson
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1530
End: 1650
Field Work: Day 6 | October 12, 2017 | South Africa
Prerequisites: One (1) principles of natural resource tourism course Download Syllabus

This course adopts a critical perspective to examine both the positive and negative impacts of tourism from social, political, economic and environmental perspectives.  Students will gain an appreciation for the need to understand impacts from a multidimensional perspective if we are to engage in tourism development that will enhance the positive and mitigate negative impacts of through enlightened planning, policy, and educating mindful tourists. Students will engage with both conceptual and case study readings tailored where possible to the destinations they will be visiting.  From the core concepts of socio-cultural environmental and economic impacts students will learn about a range of different topics that will be integrated with the first-hand experiences of tourism and being a tourist students will have.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 6
Date: October 12, 2017

South Africa was one of the first countries to engage in pro-poor tourism or slum tourism as it may be called. We will spend the day in the Langa Township accompanied by a local faculty member (Andries de Beer). Mr. de Beer and Prof. Tracy Daniels will conduct a work shop on pro-poor initiatives as a whole in addition to tourism at the Guga S'Thebe Arts & Cultural Centre. We will meet local people and entrepreneurs and critically evaluate the impacts of pro-poor tourism and other initiatives on the community as we take a tour of Langa Township.

Learning Objectives:
1. To provide the students with first-hand experience of grassroots tourism development in the form of a township tour.
2. To understand the wider benefits to community development that is associated with these tours.
3. To provide students with the chance to form their own opinions about the benefits and disadvantages of pro-poor tourism.