World Interdependence – Current Global Issues (Focus on Climate and Energy) (Section 3) [CRN 78336]

Discipline: International Education
Instructor: Rosencranz
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1700
End: 1820
Field Work: Day 1 | October 7, 2017 | South Africa
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

We will study all energy technologies, with teams of two or three  preparing and presenting slides on coal, oil and gas, including cleaner coal, such as integrated gasification combined cycle and carbon capture and storage; solar, wind and hydro; biofuels and cellulosic ethanol; and breakthroughs is transport, namely electric vehicles and high-storage batteries. On the climate side, we’ll focus on the US, the EU, Brazil, India, China, Russia, South Africa and AOSIS — the association of small island states. We’ll divide into several teams to simulate an international climate negotiation.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1
Date: October 7, 2017

We’ll spend the morning at Pegasys, an NGO comprised of diverse advisors focused on development impact in emerging economies. Here, students will have the opportunity to hear from and engage with two climate and clean energy experts. After lunch we’ll climb Table Mountain to observe the natural surroundings and discuss the impacts of climate change on the region.

Learning Objectives:
1. To learn about climate mitigation and clean energy in Africa, and more specifically in South Africa and Cape Town.
2. To be engaged in learning about global environmental problems.
3. To learn about climate science and impacts; climate economics; climate obligations of developed, advanced developing and least developed countries.