Understanding Dance [CRN 17850]

Discipline: Dance
Instructor: Preeshl
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1540
End: 1700
Field Work: Day 1 | March 18, 2020 | South Africa
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

The official catalog description of this course is: Broad examination of dance involving limited student participation in basic dance movements.

Additional description:

In this non-majors course, we explore dance as cultural ritual and performing art. To understand context, we read essays on dance, view “dance on screen,” engage in lecture-demonstrations by interport guest lecturers, students, and faculty, learn diverse cultural dance steps in class, and view Asian and African dance styles on field excursions such as Japanese Noh, Kabuki, and Butoh; Beijing and Shanghai Opera, Vietnamese and Mynmar/Burma puppetry, South Indian classical Bharatanatyam, West and South African dance and ritual, and Sufi whirling and belly dance in Morocco. We examine how contemporary trends of technology, different abilities, and gender affect participation in and performance of dance. We frame how we see dance by reflecting on how cultural, sociopolitical, and historical contexts impact creativity in dance.

Field Work

Country: South Africa
Day: 1
Date: March 18, 2020

Participate in a Voice and Movement Class, view a screening of Sara Matchett’s production, Womb of Fire, and discuss the show.

Learning Objectives:
1. Experience physical and vocal methods of performance training
2. Understand development of socially-aware theatre in South Africa
3. Increase awareness of how to create performance