Utilizing Acting Techniques for success in Interviews, Presentations and Public Speaking

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Moore
Credits: 3
Day: B
Start: 1550
End: 1705
Field Work: Day 1 - Wednesay, 14 January | Hawaii, United States Download Syllabus

This course will examine the performance and presentational skills used by professional actors in auditions and onstage as they apply to non-performing pursuits and careers.  Many of the vocal techniques, performance strategies and relationship skills that are used by actors are equally applicable in the “real world”. Students will explore various scenarios through role play and develop strategic skills that are relevant to interviews for scholarships, graduate school, internships and the workplace. They will also develop techniques for more effective public speaking in a range of situations. The course will incorporate practice in structuring a talk or seminar and delivering it in a manner that is clear and vocally expressive. Students will conduct in-port research to explore similarities and differences in communication techniques and practices as part of the process of identifying and developing their own strengths as interviewees and as confident skilled public speakers.

Field Work

Country: Hawaii, United States
Day: 1 - Wednesay, 14 January

Students will spend the day in Hilo, Hawaii, observing inter personal communication styles and both the form and content of public speeches in three different contexts. Students will be required to provide a detailed analysis of the structure of the speech and the individual speaker’s vocal and gestural delivery. They should comment on the effectiveness of the presentation within the framework of informative, persuasive, celebratory or entertainment speeches and make cross cultural comparisons with other public speaking they have encountered. Students will observe a political speech, public speaking in an educational setting and at a tourist attraction. Academic Objectives: 1.       Students should be able to absorb, and be prepared to discuss, content of a speech or presentation while at the same time absorbing specifics about the form of the speech – structure, vocal, gestural delivery. 2.       Students should be able to assess the efficacy of the communication styles observed– through observation of their own response and that of the audience around them and to comment on the success of the implicit or explicit goals of the speaker. 3.       Students should, by the end of the class, be able to utilize some of the techniques for successful inter- personal communication that they have observed during this field lab.