Visionaries and Exiles (Section 1)

Discipline: Special Topics in Literature
Instructor: Kinney
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1425
End: 1540
Field Work: Day 1 - Singapore - 22 February | Singapore
Prerequisites: Basic composition training and an introduction to literary analysis. Download Syllabus

A quick survey of some of the literary uses of exile from The Odyssey to The Crying of Lot 49; it
has been said that travelers and poets may lie with impunity, and this course will attempt to work
out what their otherworlds share that routinely lets their ways of lying pass muster alongside the
truth. How do various states of exile in fiction impinge and expand on the bounds of the real?
What is it to “return” from a fictional state without ever escaping the fiction?

Field Work

Country: Singapore
Day: 1 - Singapore - 22 February

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