West and the World

Discipline: History
Instructor: Walker
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 0925
End: 1040
Field Work: Day 6 | China Download Syllabus

The course will examine the development of modern Western Civilization and its subsequent interaction with the cultures of the developing world. Emphasis will be placed on the regions that are on our itinerary. Issues to be considered will include, among others, the influence of Western religious, political and economic ideals and systems on the indigenous African and Asian societies encountered. The course will investigate the global implications of a gathering, and eventually dominant, American economic, political and cultural influence in the 20th century, and conclude with a discussion of the concept of ‘American Exceptionalism’ in the context of the end of the Cold War as well as subsequent political and economic trends, including globalization, in the developed and developing world.

Field Work

Country: China
Day: 6

The mandatory Field Lab will take place on February 8 in Hong Kong. Our class will meet with a series of senior capital market executives of at a major international capital markets and financial services firm. Over the course of the day, our class will participate in presentations which will include the following topics: a broad overview of the post war development of Asian national economies and a review of their strengths and weaknesses, the causes and impacts of the global financial meltdown in 2008-2009, the economic outlook for Asia going forward, and major trends in the delivery of global financial services. Students will complete a Field Report summarizing their experiences, evaluating the arguments presented, and integrating this experience with our classroom materials and discussions on global financial markets to present their own perspectives.
Academic Objectives:     1. Introduce students to the workings of Asian capital markets     2. Understand the broad causes of the recent global financial meltdown     3. Overview of the development of Asian economies in the post war period and their future prospects