World-Class Operations Management

Discipline: Semester at Sea Seminars
Instructor: Laseter
Credits: 3
Day: C
Start: 1520
End: 1635
Field Work: Day 3 - Barcelona - Thursday, 8 August | Spain
Prerequisites: None Download Syllabus

Operational excellence represents table stakes in an increasingly competitive world. This course explores the tools and techniques of world-class operation management using a mix of readings, cases, simulations, field projects, and exercises. Students will develop a personal tool kit covering the critical topics of workflow design, statistical quality control, inventory management, scheduling, queuing theory, purchasing, and project management as well as an introduction to Operations Strategy.

Field Work

Country: Spain
Day: 3 - Barcelona - Thursday, 8 August

August 8 (Barcelona, Spain)

Learn about operations management as you tour production facilities of a yogurt company and a brewery. La Fageda is a well-known, high-quality lactics factory in Spain which also gives jobs to disabled persons. You’ll see everything from visiting the cows to tasting the yogurt! Moritz Beer brewery in Barcelona it’s an old beer brewery placed at Sant Antoni’s quarter, at the very city center in the heart of and old modernist building re-disgned by the worldwide known architect and artist Jean Nouvel. There your students will have a special visit with a guide from the factory that will explain them all about the beer making process and the history of Moritz.
Academic Objectives:
  1. First-hand observation of factory operations
  2. Opportunity to view Lean principles in action
  3. Appreciation of global dissemination of “best practices”