World Theatre and Performance

Discipline: Drama
Instructor: Kattwinkel
Credits: 3
Day: A
Start: 1415
End: 1530
Field Work: Day 1 | Singapore Download Syllabus

What is performance and how do performances represent the cultures in which they develop?  Exploring texts, theories and practices, this course will investigate the broad range of theatrical performance in the countries on our itinerary.  We will analyze the cultural, historical, political and aesthetic conditions of drama and performance and reflect on cross-cultural currents and influences on Western drama.  Class discussions and readings will be supplemented with films in class, attendance at live performances and meetings with theatre practitioners in port.

Field Work

Country: Singapore
Day: 1

We will visit the National Theatre of Singapore to view their exhibition of Chinese opera as it was imported to Singapore in the early 20th century, as well as the special exhibit on Kuo Pao Kun, the man considered to be the pioneer of modern Singaporean theatre. We will then attend a performance at one of Singapore's several world-renowned theatres. Singaporean theatre is especially known for its cross-cultural performance and its investigations into the concepts of "Asian" and "Singaporean."

 Academic Objectives:
On this field lab students will experience the cultural tourism we have been discussing in class and reflect on their own role as tourists in cultural markets that cater to them. They will compare Singapore's cultural imports of the past with its modern-day cultural exchange.