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Discipline: Communication Studies

  • Intercultural Communication

    This course is designed to assist in taking full advantage of the Semester at Sea experience. The course examines and explores personal cultural identities through discourse and reflection within the […]

  • Kenneth Bagley

    Dr. Kenny Bagley is an associate professor in the Portland State University Communications Department, where he has taught courses in intercultural communications, family communications, and freshman inquiry with University Studies […]

  • Interfaith and Inclusive Communication [CRN 17854]

    In the current globalized century, the world is more religiously diverse than at any other point in history. Frequently, religious and belief-based conflicts divide communities and cultures. Miscommunication can often […]

  • Intercultural Communication (Section 2)* [CRN 17867]

    We live in a rich, diverse world, full of people with unique values, norms, beliefs, and behaviors. By signing up for the Semester at Sea learning experience, you have each […]

  • Intercultural Communication (Section 1) [CRN 14794]

    You have likely heard phrases such as “global diversity” and “international/intercultural communication” discussed at work, school, or even on the evening news. In an ever-increasing global and technological world, diversity […]

  • Nonverbal Communication* [CRN 17853]

    Nonverbal communication directly enhances intercultural competencies because of its global practical application. Generally, 65% of the communication process is nonverbal in nature. Regardless of discipline or career path, governments, employers […]

  • Susan Wildermuth

    There are so many aspects of Sue Wildermuth to share, but perhaps most important is that she adores her job and strives to get better at it every day.  She started […]

  • Elizabeth Sink

    Elizabeth Sink is a Communication Studies instructor with a passion for facilitating healthy engagement across diverse identities. She is approaching her 15th year teaching at Colorado State University and her […]

  • Interpersonal Communication Skills [CRN 81200]

    In a world filled with smart phones, social media, on-demand video, and a seemingly never-ending stream of notifications, it is easy for one to feel overwhelmed and anxious due to […]

  • Communication and Popular Culture [CRN 83355]

    A key feature of modern life is the pervasiveness of media and the relationship it has with popular culture. From binge-watch sessions to iconic vines and from viral memes to […]

  • Intercultural Communication* [CRN 77122]

    When most of us are asked about our culture, we might immediately think of characteristics like our ethnicity, nationality, or ancestry, but culture is much more complex than the surface-level […]

  • Josh Misner

    Josh “Dr. J” Misner is a professor of communication studies at North Idaho College in beautiful Coeur d’Alene. As both a power user of social media and an author/researcher of […]

  • Lori Goss Lawson

    The fall 2019 voyage will be Lori’s second Semester at Sea adventure, and her third time living at sea. In the spring of 2018 she circumnavigated the globe aboard the […]

  • Public Speaking (Focus: Global Advocacy) [CRN 83356]

    This course introduces students to the practical and theoretical elements of effective public speaking and advocacy. Focus is given to oral communication skills, (both in larger audience venues and smaller […]

  • Intercultural Communication [CRN 27479]

    Regardless of your field of study or ultimate career trajectory you are more than likely to engage in deep interpersonal and professional relationships with people whose cultural background is significantly […]

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