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Discipline: Communication Studies

  • Mary Meares

    Dr. Mary Meares is an associate professor of communication studies at the University of Alabama. Her research focuses on culture, diversity, and communication, including workplace diversity and issues of voice […]

  • Film and Social Change [CRN 27412 Course] [CRN 27415 Lab]

    The cinema has the power to depict moments of great social change and also, on rare occasions, to bring about social change. This course will introduce students to different ways […]

  • Intercultural Communication [CRN 77122]

    We are all cultural beings – our norms, expectations, and values are shaped by our membership in different cultural groups. This course will provide an introduction to the complexity of […]

  • Co-Cultural Communication [CRN 77123]

    Co-cultural Communication examines identity and communication, in the context of the diversity of the United States, including the impact of history, power, privilege, and agency on how we use communication […]

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