Honor Roll of Donors — Individual Donors

The following individuals generously supported Semester at Sea with
a gift in fiscal year 2017 (June 1, 2016 through May 31, 2017):



Anderson Estate

Boynton Estate

Gale and Shelby Davis

Alice and Roger King

Erin and Gary Lastinger

Manly Estate

Jonathan Murray and Harvey Reese

Leanne and Michael Segal

Harriett Tung Wen and C.C. Tung

Betty and C.H. Tung

$50,000 – $99,999

Lisa Braun-Glazer and Jeffrey Glazer

Richard G. Pritzlaff

Judy Segal

Kaitlin and Thomas Stoddard

Nancy Tietge

$25,000 – $49,999

Jane and Dwight Allison

James Deutsch

Susan and Dennis Gertmenian

Leah Morgan and Richard Wolf

Marjorie B. Seawell

Sara Smith Kutler and Jon Kutler

$10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (1)

Chandra and Sejal Agrawal

Laura and John Babcock

Susan Babcock

Kristin and Gregory Chapman

Thomas Choi

Monica Christen and Loren Crabtree

Gladys G. Cofrin

Lisa and Michael Derezin

Sandra Frazier

Lily He and Randy Davis Ph.D.

Jennifer Hicks

Heidi Hoelscher

Heather and James Hughes

Jean Kaplan

Kristin Karst and Rudolf Schreiner

Vashti P. Key

Beth and Tommy Knapp

Laura McCain-Foreman and Christopher Foreman

Elizabeth Moore and Jon Elliott

Wendy O’Brien

Farrell and Stuart Saunders

Kara Shay

Betty and Milt Waldron

$5,000 – $9,999

Lynda and Scott Adelson

Lisa and Michael Auerbach

Megan Burke

Joan and John Casey

Linda and Bill Danneberg

Gwenn A. Fairall

Marianne and Martin Fairall

Christina Ferrari

Marti Fessenden and Suzanne Schultz

Hyla Goldberg Vine and Barry Vine

Deirdre and Thomas Hudnut

Candis and Mike Lochmann

Stacey and John Mayes

Elizabeth and Henry Mellon

Elizabeth and Bruce Olson

Marie and Edward Parco

Indra and Hirsch Rastogi

Thomas E. Rodgers, Jr.

Michelle Rosen and Conrad Herrmann

Diana Sammis Brookes and Robert Brookes

Elizabeth Silver-Schack and Larry Silver

Carol and Michael Staenberg

Lisa and Alan Synn

$2,500 – $4,999

Katrina and Jonathan Barlow

Karleen and Andrew Basch

Eric A. Bennett

Allison Bolch Moran

Judith and Gene Bolles

Stephen Carroll

Flynn D. Case

Abby Crumpacker Vieira and Robert Vieira

Rikki and Patrick Daniels

Elaine R. Deutsch

Valerie Fayard

Claire A. Fletcher

Mark A. Fulbright

Bert A. Getz, Jr.

Kathryn and William Meleyco

Cathy and Steve Needleman

Linda C. Nickel

Monica Nicoli and Diego Piacentini

Caleb F. Reese

Debra and Richard Resling

Gina and Erik Sethre

Cynthia Thomas

Clarice and Gary Utt

Tonia and John Wilson

Alice Wyman

$1,000 – $2,499

Anonymous (1)

Nancy Ackelson and James Van Arsdel

Lisa and John Acker

Blair Adams Carty

Brenda Kay Allgire

Barbara and Michael Allison

James Andre and Paul Kellogg

Robert Bachoian

Lisa Bardill Moscaritolo and Joe Moscaritolo

Asta Baroardottir and Edward Huijbens

Mark Bass

Susan and Miles Baxter

Lisa and Darrell Benatar

Helen and David Bender

Lindsey G. Benfield

Mark Bertrand

Melissa J. Bingler

Patricia and Anthony Bronzo

Mitchell S. Brumfield

Kelley Buckley

Karen E. Burns

Darlene Campbell and Randy Lewis

Marillee Carroll

Suzy Cawthon

Elaine K. Church

Joe Coleman

Fernando Corredor-Ospina

Mary Ann and Lewis Cutter

Cheryl and Peter J. Dart

Margaret Defranco and Theodore Ford

Christine and Steve Demos

Ann Nora Ehret and Rick Fehst

Gail and James Ellis

Russell D. Evans

Judy and Tom Fisher

Rachel M. Fisher

Timothy Fitzpatrick

Nancy and Charles Fry

Shelley and Dean Galloway

Jean and Sanford Gaynor

Rajon T. Gilmore

Jacquelin A. Gorman

Jean Gortner and John Putnam

Patrick J. Gribbin

Jaynee and Rolf Groseth

Julie and Dan Grossman

Anne Harper and Rick Ronald

Jo-Ann Harris

Sabrina and Marco Hellman

James Hendricks

Joan Hoelscher

Erin M. Hughey

Linda and Thomas Hurley

Margaret and Craig Isaacs

Karen and William Jason

Rebecca and Thomas Jelke

Kathryn M. Jenulis

Shoko and Hiroshi Kajiya

Matthew Kane

Lynda Karns Rose

Wendy and Mark Kettering

Leila Kight

Celeste and Robert Kling

Kristin and Michael Kratoska

Janine and Lale Kuhn

Star Lancaster

Maggie Leach

Catherine V. Lee

Jennifer Lewan

Steven A. Lippman

Mary and John Liu

Nicolas A. Lucio

Ned M. Lynch

Joan Maas

Kim Matson and David Zachow

Jean and Frank Matthews

Jennifer C. Meyer

Angela D. Miller

Sean Mills and John Fox

Lori Moore

Kathryn and Neale Mulligan

Phyllis and David Murray

Nancy Nash Watkins and John Watkins

James Nicholson

Christine and Jay Orris

Marni and Vince Otte

Kathryn and Robert Patton

Kathleen and Mark Paur

Lynn and Mark Porath

Barbara and Zeb Portanova

Beatrice Prewarski Cassou

Brad H. Quinn

Julie and Gary Ransdell

Miranda R. Ransom

Catherine Rodgers

Tina R. Romaniello

Sheryl H. Scarano

Jill and Eric Schifferli

Marie M. Schlesinger

Lynn A. Senior

Heidi and David Severino

Angela and Ronak Shah

Tracy Sherman and Steve Friedman

Kirsten and Brian Shirken

Jane Shivers and William Sharp

Michael Shuman

Hannah and Ivan Snyder

McKinley Soares and Brian Durham

Ruth and Wiley Sommerville

Suellen and James Sorenson

Maura and David Spellman

Dale and Gregory Stamos

Salle W. Stemmons

Tahmineh and Stephen Stone

Eileen and Bernard Strenecky

Jerry C. Strine

Connie Sween

Karen and Brett Tate

Gail and Alva Taylor

Todd M. Thomas

Morgan T. Thomson

Melissa C. Tronquet

Kelsey and Sean Tufts

Deborah and Kurt Vander Bogart

Nancy and Joseph Visenberg

Ginny and Roy Wagner

Jyoti Watumull

Tanya and Vikram Watumull

Margot and Gary Weinstein

Joni and Rodney Williams

Marilyn and Michael Wilson

Robin and Richard Woods

Louise and Frank Wright

Sheryl Zimmerman and Philip Sloane

Toni and Craig Zimmerman

Paula and Louis Zuckerbraun

$500 – $999

Anonymous (2)

Roane Akchurin

Korina Amalia I. Anagnostopoulou

Marie Andrews and Hugh Jones

Friday and Jason Apaliski

Lindsay Banner

Adrienne and Allen Barna

Jaime Barrerio De Leon

Michael Bernhard

Kimberly E. Bertz

Julie and James Borden

Erin E. Boyle

Jan and William Britt

Amanda and Scott Brooks

Toby and Gregory Brown

Phyllis A. Brown

Colleen and Gary Bub

Linda Burdette and David Brown

Leslie and Walter Burlock

Susan Burnight Mason and Dick Mason

Allan Calarco

Henry Callan

Megan Casa de Calvo

Steve Chaikin

Nicole Clark

Thomas Coolidge

Nicole and Charles Cooper

Diane Cornwell

Carolyn Covault

Marie Crean

Tanya and John Crone

Alex Cushner

Holly and Michael Depatie

Wendy Dickinson Duryea

Janet L. Dinsmore

Tandi and James Donaldson

Mollie Doyle

Victoria Edwards

Helen and James Ehret

Sharon and Ramsey Ellis

Pamela Kaltinick Fillo

Karen M. Fincutter

Michaela M. Flanagan

Sandra and Craig Fleishman

Craig Foxhoven

Dan Fulmer

Nancy Gee

Janna and David Gies

Mortimer Glasgal

Linda Glazer Toohey and Michael Toohey

Susan C. Grandi

Carolyn Grant and Robert J. Krenz

Todd S. Harple

Mary Howe

Jill A. Hurd and Oscar Zavala

Melissa and Jordan Jacob

Scott Jarrell

Frances and Gearold Johnson

Julie Johnson

Tamara Johnson

June L. Jones

Elissa and Evan Kaplan

Jay H. Katz

Alison Kim and Barbara Bethke

Catherine Klose and H. Lee Chesnin

Lydia Knight

Nicole B. Korte

Maynil R. Lambert

Stuart Levy

Sage and John Lewis

Joan R. Lippman

Rebecca and Michael Maniates

Marcia and Doug Mankoff

Wendy and David Marcus

Betsy Martindale

William G. Martorano

Nancy S. Martz

Justine I. McCann

Erin E. McNeill

Catharine Mellon Cathey and John Cathey

Helen and Jeff Miller

Jean and Peter Morrell

Michael Murray Jr.

Charles Neal

Mark P. Neary

Elizabeth and Phil Neugebauer

Annemarie R. Nicieza

Anna Norum

Dandy O’Shea and Patrick McCalla

Jennifer and Benjamin Ottenhoff

Gregory Packard

Christian K. Padilla

Ann Patton and Arthur Lowenstein

Tal Peles-Gray and Kevin Gray

Jennifer and Edward Prideaux

Colleen Riley and Kevin McCarthy

Lynn and Doug Robertson

Catherine and Lawrence Robinson

Karen and Steve Royce

Christina S. Saad

Trent K. Saiget

Maureen and James Sansbury

Amanda and Edward Sawyer

Donald Schappacher

Thomas Schiff

Amy L. Schmidt

Sandra Scott Suzor

Melissa and Brad Seiler

Eileen and Randall Sherman

Sally H. Singletary

Meghan Skarzynski Lynch

Lisa Slavid

Barbara and Edwin Sobey

Nancy and Joshua Solomon

Brandon Spackman

Robert Stewart

Eric Tannenbaum

Mary E. Thielemeir

Debra Thomas

Gabrielle Tierney and Eric Bindelglass

David Tottino

Meredith L. Tuntland

Dixie and John Tymitz

Tyler G. Valdes

Andrew Van Degna

Joan and Rajesh Vijay

Dominic A. Visconsi, Jr.

Linda and Mike Volpe

Erin Walsh and Robert Bunda

Hannah A. Watkins

Brandon E. Weiss

Lisa M. Westwater

Brenda L. White

Brooke Wilson

Orna and Keenan Wolens

Julie and Jon Woolley

Gordon Wright

Lynn Yeomans

Andrea Zacher-Brown and Clint Brown

Liz Zavodsky and Jeremy Mohr

$250 to $499

Anonymous (1)

Simone Almeida

Ola Gamal Aly and Ahmed Yacout

Elizabeth Amory

Priscilla Angelo and John Eng-Wong

Eric Aoki

Susan M. Arnold

Susan and Michael Aroner

Teresa and Garth Aubert

Kennedy N. Avery

Carol Baker and Iain Campbell

Connie and Gary Bakker

Samantha N. Baldwin

Joy Becker

Yolande and Robert Bel Bruno

Marcy and Richard Bern

Tiffany and Pablo Bernal

Laura and David Bexfield

Barbara Billstein

Diane S. Bordoni

Jennifer Bouchamoun

Patricia B. Braun

Audra and Trey Brickner

Susan Brown Hass

Kathleen Hogan Bruen

Nancy and John Burkoff

Shawn C. Burks

Rhonda and Brent Burrows

Christina Callahan

Rory Callahan

Andrew G. Carey

Pam and Ron Carey

Linda and Steven Caster

Donna Castorino

Nancy and Gordon Chait

Ellen and Jon Channing

Philip Chernin

Donald Clark

Kimberly A. Cohen

Frances and Bradford Colby

Tatiana Corella Jimenez and Luis Diego Vega Araya

Helen and Wally Courtney

Erika and Joseph Couture

Rachel and Erik Cox

Carey and Jamie D’Alessandro

Janea Danuser

Zaneeta E. Daver

Caroline and Peter Davis

Kathleen E. Davisson

Meg and Kirby Day

Janet and Norm Dowty

Stephanie D. Drucker

John Dukesherer

Kara Dunn

Helen F. Eaton

Halle K. Erdahl

Nancy and Jonathan Erickson

Miller H. Ezell

Patrick D. Farrell

Margaret Ferrentino

Madison J. Fischer

Laken Fisher Gooch and Kent Gooch

Rebecca Fisher

Kay J. Fore

Anne and Craig Franzen

Mary Freeman

Kristin Fridrick

Nicole Fridrick

Michelle and Michael Gacioch

Diane and Thomas Gaither

Gregory J. Gallik

Barbara and Daniel Garvey

Marian E. Gerlich

Jessica Golden

John Gosnell

Mary Alice and Larry Grant

Kerin and Charles Green

Ann and Ted Greene

Linda and Bernard Grogan

Leigh Grossman

Linda Grunnet

Louis B. Guttman

Robert and Nita Head

Carly G. Higgins

Jane Higgins and Daniel Binkley

Mary and William Hill

Ann Hoffman

Elizabeth and Bob Holtby

Leslie and Jeffrey Horowitz

Byron Howlett and Frank Stranzl

James R. Huntley

Robert Irwin

Krystyna and Lee Jamieson

Colleen Jester

Jay Paul Johnson

Jennifer L. Johnson

Jo Linda Johnson

Marion and Michael Johnson

Claire Joseph

Kathy and Mitchell Kalcic

Mitchell Karsch

Thomas and Lawrence Keller

Katie Kelly

Tucker G. Kelly

Frances and Paul Kent

John Keogh

Christine and Thomas King

Michael King

Martha and Kenneth Kurica

Susan Lanciotti

James Levyne

Jacqueline and Ronald Lincoln

Mary and Thomas Lippert

Rebecca N. Lipstein

Kelly Littleton

Mary and John Littrell

Anne Long

Kevin L. Lorenz

Kristine and Scott Love

Stephen Magill

Jennie C. Malina

Debbie and Jonathan Markiles

Amy McAteer Schamroth and Matthew Schamroth

Alana McComb Pelren and David Pelren

Mary McCurdy Parker

Kimberly McGeever

Lisa G. McGill

Jaime A. Melanson and Gabriel Higham

Janey Michaelsen

Jessica and Andrew Millner

Eileen and Ole Mols

Susan and Thomas Monahan

Christine Money and Robin Miller

Pamela Monroe

Thirza Moran

Katrina E. Morgan

William D. Morrell

Mary Lou Mosley

Linda and Jeffrey Moslow

Lisa W. Mullen

Anne and Martin Muradaz

Diane and Alexander Newell

Alair and Derek Olson

Brenda and Mark Oprisch

Bailey J. Otto

Melanie C. Palacios

Mary Jo Palmieri-Wolk

Frances and Wayne Pastuszenski

Charlotte and Jason Pfannenstiel

Nicole Pickett and Ryan Brown

Michelle and Matthew Pierson

Casey Pittock

Janet and Samuel Pitzulo

Virginia and Steven Pollack

Kathleen and William Power

Marilu Prehn

Randi Sue Quat and John Rosenberg

Sarah Raithel

Douglas P. Rastello

Linda Ratner Toth

Richard Regan

Robert Rieder

Kenneth Roberts

Laurie and Mark Rosenthal

Donna Rouner and Philip Waggoner

Lisa and James Sahli

Virginia L. Sammis

Jill Sanko

Lynn Sarf and Richard Watkins

Christine and Vincent Schaff

Lisa and Ian Schapiro

Lauren Schiff

Henry Schoellkopf

Julius A. Schwerin V

Scottie Seawell and Phillip Boyle

Nanci and Peter Seel

Priyanka A. Shah

Suzanne S. Shanahan

John A. Shaw

Gayle F. Singh

Becky M. Skougstad

Michael Slavin

Caroline and Tom Smith

Micaela M. Soucy

Kathy and Daniel Sprau

Frank Stranzl

Elizabeth and Richard Svee

Margaret Swimelar

Gregory Talenfeld

Jean Taylor and Michael Roberts

Andrew P. Terrell

Herbert Thompson

Terrie Tran

Beth and James Tueller

Julie and Paul Vannuki

Jared Varnes

Randi Vasquez

Armand Vonsiatsky

Janice and David Wallace

Robert Wanek

Sherry and Aaron Wangenheim

Eric N. Wasserstrom

Robert Wedgwood

Donald Weidner

Carey and Joshua Weisberg

Jennifer Evans Yankopolus

Can Zhang and Tao Xie

Jennifer and Michael Zoll

Up to $249

Anonymous (20)

Betty Ann and Lawrence Abblitt

Virginia M. Abblitt

Michelle Abbrect

Emily and Brendan Abel

Markus M. Abeler

Maria Celes L. Abragan

Alexander L. Abraham

Lauren Abrahams

Jennafer Abrams

Betsy Abramson

Ihan-Jarek T. Acevedo Gonzalez

Ana K. Aceves Yamamoto

Emily Acosta Lewis and Joshua Lewis

Cindy and Manuel Acta

Leslie M. Acta

Constance and Mark Adams

Janelle S. Adams

Kelly Adams-Smith

Shirley and Amir Agam

Daisy A. Aguilar

Cammi Aimonetti

Diane Al-Abduljalil and Dillon J. Meehleis

Elizabeth R. Alexander

Karla and Peter Alfano

Kevin E. Alfaro

Eugene Alford

Liam H. Alfred

Elizabeth Allen

Elizabeth C. Allen

Robin Allen

Wendy Allen

Jenaye T. Alston

Lillian I. Alvarez Murphy

Alysha M. K. Amerson

Pranav B. Amin

Laura Andersen

Korrin L. Anderson

Margaret and Bruce Anderson

Sarah L. Anderson

Stacey and Sean Anderson

Eleanor and Joseph Andres

Anne K. Andrews

Dorothy A. K. Andrews

Kathryn Andrews

Tessa M. Andrzejczak

Christine Anthony and Gregory Goldstein

Guojun Ao

María Fé Aragon Orrego

Celia Aranda Reina

Lori Arbel

Kate Ardini

Sara Arlin

Kevin J. Armstrong

Alena L. Arrigo

Sue and David Arter

Jenny H. Ascher

Samuele T. Asfaha

Natalia C. Atkins

Devin A. Aubert

Becky and John Aubry

Thea K. Augustidis

Pamela and Harry Auld

Jeffrey Avallon

Yael Avrahami and Sharon Shteinbock

Maria Aweida

Jennifer Ayars

Claribel Azcona

Carole Babb

Rebecca and Andre Baca

Molly S. Badger

John Baer

Kathleen and Brian Bailey

Velda and Charles Bailey

Ana M. Bairos

Olivia D. T. Baitinger

Rosenna and Ronald Bakari

Terry Baker

Emma E. Balison

Douglas C. Ballantine

Jeanne and Harden Ballantine

Ann and Brian Balusek

Meryl A. Balusek

Samay Bansal

Aileen and Neil Baquiran

Ashley and Bobby Barber

Nallely Barbosa

Melissa D. Bard

Nicole M. Barden

Lori A. Barker

Elaine and George Barkin

Kimberly Barletta

Ellen and Harold Barnard

Susan Barnard

Arlena Barnes and William Kinsey

Barbara Barnes and Alfred Schattschneider

Elizabeth Barnes and Michael Johnson

Tina and Richard Barnes

Laurielynn Jackson Barnett

Deborah and Scott Barnum

Arielle L. Barr

Marguerite Barratt and William Hayes

Allison M. Barrera

Robert Barrett

Michael H. Bartholomew

Mary V. Bartley

Elizabeth R. Bartlik

Faith Johnson Basten

Linda Bates

Elizabeth R. B. Bauer

Bruce A. Bauerle

Diane and Jeff Beasom

Jeffrey T. Beasom

Adam Beaver

Jenna Bechtholdt

Nancy and Jeffrey Beck

Karin A. Beck

Elizabeth Becker

Paul Becker

Eliza L. Beenhouwer

Deena and James Behnke

Jill D. Beideman

Mikaela S. Beier

Shelly Beissel

Allie T. Bel Bruno

Jordan Bell

Elizabeth Belson

Ellen and Roland Bendel

Ellie J. Bender

Alisa B. Bendis

Chad Benedict

Sean C. Benjamin

Michael J. Ben-Menahem

Katherine B. Bennington

Brian Benson

Brooks F. Benson

Stephen Berg

Cindi and Steven Berg

Erin E. Berger

Margie Berger

Stacey and Elliott Berger

Danielle R. Berghoff

Emily M. Berlinger

Kim Berman

Marcey Berman

Daniella M. Bernal

Andy Berney

Blythe Bernhard

Leigh Berry and Thomas Coburn

Heather M. Besch

Mona Betz

Brylee L. Beverage

Emily R. Bezold

Nicole and Shahzad Bhat

Anna L. Bianco

Gabriella and David Bierman

Natalie R. Bigelow

Viola and Michael Bikerman

Alissa Bilfield and Adam Aronovitz

Claudine Bing

Deirdre Bird and Sally Ann Hay

Andrea and Michael Bishof

Alan Bishop

August M. Bishop

Carrie Bishop

Erin S. M. Bishop

Sandra K. Bishop

Kirra E. Bixby

Theresa and Mark Bixby

Sarah E. Bjelland

Michelle and Darren Black

Sharon Black

Wally G. Black

Quinn Y. E. Blackwolf

Janet and Kenneth Blaedel

Alexandra K. Blakelock

Margaret and David Blakelock

Pamela Blalack Vallejo

Simona Blanarikova

Barbara and David Blandino

Rachel C. Blatz

Robert L. Bledsoe

Julie Block

Mimi Bloom

Ashley Blount

Charles Blue

Frederick Blue

Scott Blumenthal

Laura and Barry Boatman

Angelina Boaz

Chloe Bodart

Donna and Michael Boender

Jessica Boeve

Amy Bogert-Kuebler and Gregory Kuebler

Jennifer Bokus

Kristin K. Bokus

Annamae D. Bolen

Molly L. Bond

Natalia R. Bonfini

Victoria R. Bonnema

Jocelyn H. Boory

Elizabeth Booth

Adam Borbidge

Joaquin N. Borgo

Sylvia and David Borgo

Kevin Borkoski

Mikayla N. Born

Christine and John Borrelli

Jeffrey F. Borsecnik

Justine J. Boston

Kristin Botnen

Kimberley A. Bouchard

Ben-Ari Boukai

Justin L. Bowen

Shirley and Harold Bowers

Margaret Bowes and Richard Weight

Phelan S. Bowie

Phylicia A. Bowman

Sonia J. Boyer

Jean Boyer-Cowling and Robert Cowling

Paige Bradbury Brattin

Marie Bradby

Emily M. Bradley

Molly Brady

Allyson L. Brakebush

Kara Branby

Rosa Brandes and Jorge Pastrana

Heather Brandt

Mandy Bratton

Justin L. Braun

Tracy and Greg Braun

Louise Braverman

Victoria A. Bravo

Hannah R. Brawley

Lois L. Brazda

Morgan E. Brazel

Robert Brazel

Holly Breen

Andie W. Breslin

Dakota M. Brewer

William L. Brewer

Jason D. Brick

Megan E. Bridgers

Morgan Bridges

Betsy Bridwell

Muriel Briggs

Karen Bright

Whitney Brighton

Marci Brigman

Rita Brock

Cecilia R. Brockmann

Andrew Broer

Lori and John Brooke

Brenda Brooks

Alison Brown

Amber and Mike Brown

Anne-Marie and Scott Brown

Ariel B. Brown

Colleen K. Brown

Mary Bet Brown

Karen Browne

Katherine A. Bruce

Karen and Greg Bruening

Margaret K. Brummer

Elise Brunelle Dekoschak

Daniel Brutlag

Andrew Bryan

Jill and Knute Brye

Thor C. Brye

Lacey Bryner

Kitty Bucek

Madeline M. Bucheleres

Brian C. Buchhagen

Mia A. Buck

Linda and David Buckle

Susan and Leo Bulger

Allison M. Bunyan

Noelle Look Burak

Cassidy J. Burke

Gretchen Burke

Kellen S. Burke

Penny and Allen Burkett

Amy and Jonathan Burky

Linda Burman-Hall

Michael R. Burns

Nicholas C. Burns

Michael L. Burnstine

Rebekah J. Burrows

Susan and Gary Burt

Denise and Jim Burton

Katelyn E. Burton

Liana R. Buscaglia

Seyma Busenaz Tunc

Mary Bussio and Russell Lucia

Elena C. Butler

Lawrence Butler and Frank Perry

Emily Byer

William and Kristin Byrnes

Maria Cabezas Zambrano and Alexander Martin

Patrick Cable

Brittney A. Caesar

Betsy and Edward Cahoon

Jessica B. Caines

Georgina and Stanley Califf

Susan and Robert Camele

Joan Campbell and Mark Sprinkle

Patrick J. Campbell

Patti and Shawn Campbell

Lianne S. Canarick

James Canonie

David M. Cantera

Silvia Cantu Bautista

Michael J. Carchedi

Carolyn Cardamone

Anna Carey and Franklin Miyazaki

Jordan M. Carey

Susanne Carlson

Robert Carmichael

Carol Carpenter

Ana Carretero

Alita C. Carroll

Theresa Carroll and William McGehee

Dante K. Carter

Theresa and Randy Cartwright

Mariza and Sergio Carvalho

Sarah E. P. Carvalho

Tamara and Donald Carver

Catherine R. Casanova

Holly A. Case

Daniel Casey

Claire Cassidy and John Rosine

Emily N. Castillo

Gretchen and Edward Castorina

Michael Causey

Sheree and Jason Cave

Lisa and Bruno Cavelier

Carrie Cerdeiras-Silk and Alan Silk

Amy and Joseph Cesarz

Susan and Peter Chakerian

Helen and Craig Chambers

Christopher Chandra

Susan and Stephen Chaplin

Bonnie and Ken Chapman

Kayla N. Chapman

Luke P. Chapman

Nicholas Chapman

Reese B. Chapman

Marie S. Chaudhri

Jacqueline G. Chavez

Paulina Chavez

Alison N. Chen

Sandy Chen

Alison F. Chennault

Madeleine G. Chernick

Lisa and Craig Chesson

Juliette M. Chevalier Alfaro

Monique A. Chevalier

Victor Childers

Daniela L. Chissum

Man Kin Choi

Gretchen D. Chrane

Martha Chretien

Sharon E. Christ

Ryan W. Christie

Lori A. Christopher

Ellen L. Church

Frances and Timothy Church

Christopher W. Churma

Susan and Chris Cieszko

Alessia Cipriano

Linda and D. Jeffrey Clark

Mikayla M. Clark

Cynthia and Benjamin Clarke

Robert Clarkson

Erin L. Claypoole

Mary Clemans

Deborah A. Clifford

Lucy F. Cline

Ann and John Clough

John W. Cloyes

Payton H. Coates

Virginia Coats

Regina R. Cochrane

Cassie Coder

Elizabeth Coder

Jesse Coenen

Peter Coenen

Amy Cohen

Leslie and Brian Cohen

Lisa Cohen

Nichole E. Cohen

Rachel Cohen

Tracy Cohen-Peranteau

Cassandra-Marie J. Cole

Ciara Cole

Joann S. Cole

Marissa M. Cole

Alyson Coleman and Wade Buckley

Callaghan S. Coleman

Adeline L. Collett

Joanne Collins

Joshua A. Collins

Kevin R. Coltrain

Carla Combi

R. D. Sargent Condit

Kristina and David Conley

Emma C. Conley

Andrea Connell

Pat and Jerry Conners

Patricia Connor-Greene and Danny Greene

Sandra and Osmond Conrad

Kelly E. Conway

Alice Cook

Alicia S. Cook

Susie and Gardner Cook

Leah Margaret Cook

Sara C. Cook

Sara and Scott Cook

Tillmon E. Cook

Amber C. Cooke

Peter Cookingham

Ellen and James Cooney

Sheila Cameron Cooper

Vicki Cooper-Doughty and Stephen Doughty

Michelle A. Coppola

Chris Cordell and Kent Guy

Livia Corona and David Benjamin

Rachael E. Costell

Stephanie and Sean Costello

Jackie Cota

Debra Cotton

Jordyn D. Cotton

Starr S. Coughlin

Julie A. Courtney

Abigail L. Coyle

Anna E. Craven

Maureen Craven Brescia

Judy W. Crawford

Lane Crawford

Meloni and Tony Crawford

Molly Crenshaw

Hannah Crichton

Alexandria Crider

Linda and Earl Cridland

Sean D. Cridland

Taylor M. Crimi

Shaun Crisler

Alison C. Croasdale

Rafael A. Cuestas Ricci

Cathie K. Cullen

Theresa and Cary Cummings

Courtney L. M. Cummings

Catherine L. Cunningham

Shannon Curl

Lynn and Jose Curruchich

Katherine A. Curtin

Rachel K. Curtis

Sarah J. Curtis

Kristin T. Cushing

Hyla and Kenneth Cushner

Ana C. Da Cunha

Aundrea Dahl

Sarah M. Dahlinghaus

Emily Daigle

Joseph and Carol Dalton

Gabrielle E. Daly

Laura and Robert Daly

Shannon Daly

Lindsay B. Dames

Annemarie Dammeyer

Carol Daneri

Jamie F. Daniels

Lesley and James Danziger

Liliane A. Daou

Cedric Dark

Charon Darris

Marie Davenport

Brianna M. Daviau

Asher W. Davis

Lynn E. Davis

Melanie Davis

Parker R. Davis

Alfred Day

Darby F. Day

Madeline S. Day

Arthur A. De Almeida Mello

Jady G. S. De Araujo

Stephen R. Deaderick

Thomas I. Deaton

Christopher J. Deatrick

Sean J. Dedmond

Christine and William Deegan

Laura Delaney-Pence and Bret Pence

Kailin E. Deleo

Tiana J. Deleon

Pedro T. Delgado Ortiz

Sophia DeLoretto-Chudy

Gabrielle Demarchi

Shavonne M. Demattos

Jackie and George Demos

Kathryn A. Deneen

Michael Dennie

Francine D. Dennis-McCauley

Abby DenUyl

Lauren M. Depaul

Cathryn and Peter Deutsch

Karen Deutsch

Tali Diamond

John W. Dickerson

Donna DiDomenico

Rachel J. Dietzman

Ronaele Dietzman

Jan Diggins

Kristen L. DiReda

Lynne and Chris Direda

Colleen and Scott Dix

Katharine M. Dix

Jordyn S. Dixon

Linda Dixon

Mary Jean and Robert Dodge

Edward N. Dodson III

Barbara Doenges

Carrie Taylor Doherty

Traci and John Doherty

Jared Donnelly

Jennifer and Nathan Donovan

Laura K. Donovan

Patrick H. Donovan

Allison Doody

Joshua R. Doolin

Katherine S. Dorr

Danielle A. Dorsey

Cheryl B. Doty

Allison J. Doucette

Daniel Doyle

Lauren and James Drew

Elizabeth S. Drewry

Jessica C. Druey

Nosipho L. Dube

Sandra Ducey and David Haberman

Yvonne and William Duiker

Ellen Duke

Heidi D. Dulany

Morgan B. Dulgarian

Kameron R. Dunbar

Cary Dunham

Chandler P. Dunham

Elizabeth P. Durkee

Regina Durr

Daniel M. DuVarney

Phillip C. Duventre

Danielle C. Dwyer

Kelly and Daniel Dwyer

Elizaveta Dyatko

Kelsey E. Dyer

Thomas B. Eager

Aurora L. Eager Leavitt

Stacey Eager Leavitt and Jeffrey Leavitt

Nancy Eardley

David Eaton

Elaina N. Eccleston

Amity Ecker and Jeremy Hersch

Julie Edelstein-Best

Jane Edwards

Susan Edwards and Skip Aluisy

Graham Egan

Eileen R. Egolf

Tracy and Michael Ehlers

Linda C. Ehrlich

Justin T. Eichenberger

Paul V. Eichenberger

Kyla Stafford Elderton

Heidi and Cameron Eldred

Samantha L. Elkan

Monica N. Elkins

Bryan Elliott

Colin Elliott

Kestrel Elliott

Anna R. Ellis

Brenda Ellis

Deborah and James Ellis

Kelli and Stephen Ellisen

Sarah M. Ellisen

Phillip R. Elvis

Tisha and Peter Emerson

Sarah L. Emerson

Gianna M. Emme

Patsy Emmert

Rita D. Enders

Susanne and Steve Engel

Amanda K. English

Jo English

Joseph M. Enrico

Brandi M. Enright

Caitlin N. Enright

Paige M. Ensor

Sarah K. Eppehimer

Graham R. Epstein

Sydney R. Epstein

Koty M. Erdmann

Bruce A. Erlin

Sophie S. Esch and Daniel Morali de la Brena

Augusto and Anna Espiritu

Fidel I. Esquivel Estay

Crystal Eubanks

Beverley Evans

Martha Evans-Mongeon

Carl Everett

Alexa N. Evert

Monica and Sean Fahnhorst

Lynne and Glen Fahs

Kaye Fairbanks

Troy P. Fairbanks

Carla Falasco and Anthony Tubbs

Yunshu Fan

Michele Faris and Edward Jelley

Carin and Scott Farkas

Judith and Edward Farmer

Ginny Farmer-Tomich

Stephanie Farr

Molly A. Farrell

Jana L. Faulhaber

Rebecca U. Feingold

Qianqian Feng

Susanna and David Fennema

Herb Ferguson

Maria Q. Ferich

Adam Fernandez

Shelley Fetterman

Jennifer F. Fink

Julia and Michael Fink

Phoebe D. Finn

Anthony Fiory

Elizabeth R. Firer

Maureen and James Fischer

Denise Fitch

Margaret and Matthew Fitzgerald

Joshua C. Fitzsimmons

Alexa Fland

Amanda and Matt Fleishman

Donna Fleming and Frederik Kaufman

Michael Fleming

Bonnie M. Fletcher

Courtney and Colin Flint

Douglas B. Flint

Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban and Richard Lobban

Elaine Flynn

Rachel E. Fogle

Jana Fogleman

Caitlin R. Follett

Diane Fonseca

Mitchell Fontenot

Megan E. Foreman

Tracey Forman

Holly Forsberg

Bo Forster

Eric Forti

Kristen M. Forti

Sara F. Forward

Susan and Craig Foscaldo

Giselle R. Foster

Susan and Keith Foster

Chelsea M. Foulke

Gretchen and Dane Foust

Elizabeth Fowler and Victor Luftig

Lee Fox

Nicole M. Fox

Kimberly Francis

Victoria M. Francis

Deana Frank

Heather Frank

Alexis R. Franklin

Jennifer M. Franklin

Kaylin N. Franklin

Anne-Marie Q. Franko

Anna M. Frazier

Brandon Freedman

Jermaine Freeman

Christine and David Frei

Diane Fried

Sara E. Fried

Megan B. Friedman

Terese Friel Portell

Sherrie Frieling

Irene Frieze

Alan Frishman

Jessica Friswell

Shannon R. Frome

Franchesca Fu

Laura and Francis Fudala

Claudia I. Fuentes Pou

Lauren A. Funk

Julia Furer

Lacy and Ernie Fyrwald

Brittany E. Gaalema

Sarah G. Gage

Shannon Gagnon

Zheya Gai and Manabu Sato

Corey Gallagher

Beth and Gregory Gallant

Brandy Gormas

Alexandra W. Galtney

Jennifer C. Gamble

Graham S. Gansar

Leslie Gantz and Scott McLamore

Kayla Garaway

Mary and Rob Garland

Noemi Garnica Garcia

Greggory and Amy Garrett

Shae Page Geary

Pamela W. Geerdes

Abigail B. Gentry

Katherine Gentry Duso

Victoria L. Genuardi

Eleanor M. George

Stav E. Gershonovitz

Remington E. Gerst

Emma Rebecca M. J. Ghariani

Marie Giannangeli

Rebekah Giaraffa

Daniella B. Gibson

Lauren E. Gieseking

Marisa A. Gilardetti

Caroline Gilbert

Glen Gilbert

Leigh Anne Gilbert

Kaleigh T. Gillen

Elizabeth R. Gillis

Kyrsten S. Gilmartin

Karla Gingerich and Scott Stevens

Allison and Randall Gingold

Lila M. Ginsburg

Mark Ginsburg

MacKenzie O. Gipple

Kaitlin J. Girtin

Deborah and Kenneth Girtin

David Glasgal

Austin C. Glass

Tracy Glass

Catherine and Stephen Glenning

Meredith S. Glenning

Karin Glorius-Patrick

Alexander R. Godwin

Brad Goeldner

Christopher A. W. Goering

Catherine E. Goff

Lindsay Goff

Amy G. Goldberg

Joshua H. Goldenstein

Mariann and Donald Goldstein

Aaron J. Gonzales

Elizabeth J. Gonzales

Anna Gonzalez and Augusto Espiritu

Charles Goodin

A. Mac Gordon

Zoie M. Gorelik

Skylar A. Goss

Loretta Gottesman

Lori and Justin Govar

Juline Grabowski

Michele Grage Engle

Jack L. Graham

Alexandria E. Graig-Tiso

Elizabeth and Corey Grammas

Lisa and Gregory Granger

Ann-Marie Grannan

Andrew L. Gray

Elizabeth A. Gray

Kimberly and James Gray

Renee Grebe and Matthew Iden

Claudia G. Green

Michael Green

Sara and David Green

George Greenberg

Deirdre L. Griffin

Marilyn Griffith

Collin D. Griffitts

Michael Grigoriev

Anna J. Grimalyak

Laura Grip

Whitney and Evan Grist

Rachel J. Grubbs

Sarah M. Grubbs

Kayla M. Gruen

Megan and Benjamin Gruseck

Marcia and Gene Gruver

Russell Guajardo

Molli A. Q. Guelde

Cassidy A. Guerin

Gavin T. Gussel

Hannah F. Gustafsson

Valentina Gutierrez Diaz

Nathalia Y. Gutierrez Sacasa

Keanu A. C. Gututala

Lilly L. Ha

Allison E. Hackenmiller

Azriel Hackett

Kelleen M. Haddad

Angela Hadley

Barbara and Charles Hagan

Caroline A. Hagan

Gina and Bruce Hahn

Peter Jinwoo Hahn

Marcella M. Hakun

Maurann and Mark Hakun

Carron Montague Hale

Lauren M. Hall

Jo Hall Van Loo and Allen Van Loo

Nancy L. Hallock

Janine Halloway

Joseph Hamilton

Michael Hammerman

Stephen Hample

Victoria J. Hampton

Donna Hancock

Alaina D. Handrick

Jake R. Hannigan

Neta M. Hansen

Carolyn Hanson

Layne Hanson and Brian Williams

John D. Hardgrove

Marcus E. Harding

Julie and John Hardy

John Harkins

Jaclyn C. Harmer

Calleine Harms

Christopher D. Harms

Thomas Harp

Devin S. Harper

Corrie Harris

Heather Harris

Madeline K. Harris

Kristin T. Harrison

Marvel Harrison and Attila Csanadi

Stephanie Harrison

Jennifer Hart

Hannah M. Hartigan

Lynda Hartigan

Pam Hartigan

Kaitlin Hartley

Nancy Hartley

Teresa Hartley

Brian C. Hartman

Isaac W. Hartman

Timothy Hartman

Jack M. Hartmann

Maxwell T. Hasman

Jane Hastings

Gail Hatch

Lawrence Hatch

Heather and Derian Hatcher

Elaine Hatfield and Richard Rapson

Kalin Hatfield

Elizabeth Hathaway-Castelan and Anselmo Castelan

Elizabeth J. Havlik

Kathryn Haw

Abbey and Jason Hawthorne

Kendall B. Hawthorne

Sally A. Hay

Marta L. Hayden

Robert Haysley

Caroline Hazarian

Amy Hazen

Barton G. Hechtman

Samantha Heimer

Katherine A. Heinen

Helen M. Heinlein

Mary E. Heisinger

Kathryn Heitkemper

Richard Hekeler

Eva and Grant Hellar

Heather Y. Hellenga

Nicholas A. Hemm

Rhiannon B. Hendrickson

Susan M. Hendrix

Colleen Hennessey

Jessie Henry

Marybeth Herald and Joel J. Bergsma

Kevin Herbein

Joshua B. Herman

Vicky and George Herman

Molly and Tim Hermann

William J. Hernandez-Valencia

Braden P. Herndon

Hadley E. Heron

Susan Herzberg and John Biles

Diane Hessinger Dukette

James A. Hester

Emily and Scott Heuerman

Sarah M. Heuerman

Heather Hewitt and Patrick Simpson

Rebecca Heyns

Kelley Hickel and Bill Brown

Alexandra A. Hickernell

Natalie A. Hicklin

Alison Hicks and Adrian Howkins

Marta N. Hicks

Martina Hidalgo Lopez

Margo and Paul Hields

Erma J. Higgins

Sierra Smith Higgins

Fiona C. T. Hill

Luana and Robert Hill

Sandra and Lewis Hinchman

Sara Hinkle

Holly Hinnrichs Dahms

Adam Hirsch

Cynthia Hirschhorn

Emily Hislop

Julie and Dan Hitchcock

Jenna E. Hitchcock

Kim T. L. Ho

Audrey Hoel

Anne and Bruce Hoelzl

Lisa and John Hofer

Ian Hoffman

Lisa and John Hoffman

Kayla N. Hoffman

Kristan Becker Hoffman

Natalie K. Hofmann

Amy Holcombe

Patricia and Courtland Holdgrafer

Sydney R. Holewinski

Christian C. Holland

Melissa Holland and Arron Mansika

Kalei C. Hollingsworth

Munashe Y. Holloman

Iyanna Holmes

Jacqueline M. Holmes

Elizabeth P. Honeycutt

Bethany H. Hooper

Michele and David Hopkins

Barbara Hordis

Jack T. Horrigan

Kristen and Denis Horrigan

Alexandra Horton

Sharon Hostler

Thomas Houge

Rachel L. House

Haley K. Housh

Ric Hovsepian

Betsy and Steve Howard

Monica Howard

Stephanie Howe

Sydney Howe

Dorothy G. Hoyt

Olivia L. Hsu

Yuhwa Hu

Sarah C. Huber

Brianna K. Huffman

C. Suzanne Huffman

Cindy and Chet Huffman

Kurt Huffnagle

Kathryn C. Hughes

Autumn Hulke

Caitlin Hume

Christy and Brian Hunter

Mary Wolterstorff Hunter

Julie Hurst

Cassidy Hurwitz

Karen and Alan Hutchinson

Nicholas K. Iammarino

Amnah Ibraheem and William Jennings

Gabriella M. Idsardi

Dawn Ferguson Ighodaro

Francesca L. Iorio

Kristy and John Isaak

Beryl S. Isiji

Jacqueline E. Ivey

Alina K. M. Iwan

Mikayla J. E. Iwan

Judah Jackson

Kelly Jackson

Nancy and Peter Jacobs

Daniel A. Jacobson

Emma Y. Jacobson

Rebecca M. Jacobson

Shari and David Jacobson

Alexander Jacox

Serena L. Jacox

Robin V. Jaffee

Emily J. Jahn

MacKenzie C. Jakel

Patricia and Douglas Jakel

Danielle C. James

Heidi and Edwin James

John F. James

Collin T. Jamieson

Eleanor L. Jamison

Rainey and Kirby Janke

Stephen Jennings

William Jensen

Allison P. Jerome

Tamara M. Jett

Lou Jiali

Nabiha A. Jiwani

Rosemary R. Joaquin

Kristina Jodis and Jon McClintock

Leticia John

Alan Johnson

Alicia K. Johnson

Amber Johnson

Anne Johnson Coploff and Jeffrey Coploff

Bari Johnson

Corrinne E. Johnson

Crystal Johnson

Danielle E. Johnson

Evamarii Johnson

Jerry W. Johnson

Jordan L. Johnson

Lara Johnson

Lorie and Timothy Johnson

Nancy Johnson and and Charles Osterbrink

Jeanette and Glenn Johnston

Kyle Jonas

Caroline P. Jones

Herbert C. Jones

Susan and David Jones

Allison Jones-Richter

Elizabeth R. Jongeward

Allison and Jeff Jordan

Ken Josefsberg

Thomas J. Joutsikoski

Kaley P. Joyce

Sally and Jack Joyce

Arnold Judson

Megan M. Julian

Grazyna and Martin Kabat

Kathryn L. Kaesberg

Jerald G. Kagele

Natalie Kaharick

Theodore G. Kahn

Brigitte Kahnert and Jens Christiansen

James and Heather Kaiser

Kahoruko Kajiya

Kathleen Kalab and Kazuyuki Abe

Paula and Andrew Kales

Maya Kalinowski

Chelsea Kameny

Kayte Kaminski

Anabel L. Kane

Elizabeth Kaneb

Ricki Kantrowitz and Alex Cohen

Mara Karlin and Reuben Jacobson

Allison K. Karman

Erin M. Karpovich

Susan and Daniel Kartchner

Renee L. Kashawlic

Shawna Kasner-Hannam

Margaret and Stephen Kassab

Danielle N. Katz

Miranda R. Katz

Ashley A. Kavanagh

Ryan Kazmierczak

Sara Kearney

Amanda M. Keator

Virginia and Matthew Keator

Bobbi Jo Keefer

Trevor Keeler

Kendal K. Kelber

Christopher Keleher

Charles K. Kellogg

Grace A. Kelly

Helen and Sean Kelly

Jonathan Kelly

MacKenzie G. Kelly

Mary O. W. Kelly

Sara S. A. Kemppainen

Rebecca and Brad Kenemuth

Kellie and Scott Kennedy

Maggie and Alan Kennedy

Shelby M. Kennedy

Stefanie Kennedy

Emilee M. Kern

Mary Jo Kerrigan

Staci Kessler

Krishna and Hari Khalsa

Andrea R. Kiddoo

Julie Kiefer and Edward Hollis

Kristina and Alex Killman

Casey K. Kim

Carol C. King

Georgette King

Joseph King

Kathleen King and Roger Dollarhide

Mary V. King

Susan King and Jack Sanderson

Allison E. Kingston

Ashlee Sallee Kinsel

Marilyn Kinsey

Violet A. Kinsey

Ellen and Bob Kircher

Gabriel D. Kisber

Amber M. Kitay

Danielle J. Kitchen

Alyssa Kitlas

Ornvalee Kittikamron

Seth G. Klebe

Caryn A. Klein

Jill and Andrew Klein

Ashley Kline

Michelle Kloosterman

Alice Y. Klug

Carolyn and Robert Knapp

Rachel Knapp

Shawna and John Knauf

Joan Knecht

Gregg Knepper

Alexa D. Knight

Samantha Knight

Jessica Knox and Samantha Flett-Jackson

Leslie Koch and Douglas Gray

Susan Koehler and William Hatt

Kyle Koelbel

Danielle A. Koffler

Kristina Kolodziej

Mary K. Koloseike

Brian W. Kondek

Aparna Kothary and Karthik Subramaniam

Michelle and Richard Koty

Jennifer Kovar and Jason Cascarino

Joann and Ronald Kramar

Allison Kramer

Elizabeth Kramer

Rebecca S. Krecke

Kimie and Bradley Kreidle

Joanne and Steven Kreindel

Kenneth A. Kreinheder

Jerald Kreppel

Laura M. Krull

Lynda Kruman

Amy and Scott Krypel

Sara J. Krypel

Justin C. Kuliszewski

John Kundtz

Elizabeth C. Kunkle

Alexandria R. Kuntz

Jenny X. Kuo

Steven M. Kupka

Laura and Evan Kutny

Jenny A. Kuykendall

Krista Kuzneski

Camryn R. La Sala

Renee and Steven La Sala

Gabriella E. Labazzo

Kristen and Michael Labazzo

Marshall A. Lacroix

Suzanne and Paul Lagomarcino

Mary and David Lahman

Julia C. Laing

Jordan S. Laird

Lucinda and Richard Laird

Olivia G. Lake

Nicole Laliberte

Sammy A. Lam

Lakpa D. Lama

Jodi Lambert

Emily M. Lamica

Sara Lamon

Christine Landegger and James Witte

Kelly A. Landen

Gabriel P. Landin

Lisa Landreman and Mark Mikula

Christopher Lang

Madelyn A. Lang

Erin E. Langan

Kenneth Langan

Paige C. Langley

Katie P. Lanier

Lizbeth Laroff

Lindsay M. Laronde

Barbara Larson

Shawna Larson

Adrian B. Lask

Judith Lassen Hoffman and Joel Hoffman

Michelle M. Lassen

Lorne Lassiter and Gary Ferraro

Julia A. Lasyone

Michelle and Oren Lavee

Bethany A. Lawson

Linda and Robin Lawson

Christiana M. Layman

Cathy Lazar

Sara Le Meitour

Michaela B. Leach

Daniel E. Lebovitz

Deanne and Marc Lebowitz

Courtney Cheston Lee

Jessica Lee and Darren Wong-Ward

Laura and Andrew Lee

Man Tim Lee

Sunny Lee and William Jacox

Sabrina P. Leeds

Jeanette Lefevre

Kathryn E. Leforce

Brenda Legard

Chandler R. Legard

Alexa J. Lehr

Julie R. Leibert

Tristan W. Leidinger

Carolyn and Neil Leighton

Jeff Leit

Riley A. Leming

Scottie and Russell Leming

Sheryle and Hubert Lengdorfer

Whitney Cary Lenglet

Margarita M. Lenk

Raul Leon

Courtney M. Leopold

Carole and John Lepore

Tessa L. Lepore

Colleen A. Lesch

Kennedy A. Levee

Jordyn L. Levendusky

Joshua I. Levi

Heidi C. Levin

Gloria C. Levine

Mitch Levine

Alex Leviton

Caleb Lewis

Cheryl Lewis

Renae Lewis

Trudy Lewis

Brenda Lewis-Ruggiero and Richard Ruggiero

Tang Li

Xiaoliang Li and John Israel

Ellen and Gregg Lichtenstein

Erin and Eric R. Lichtenwalter

Paul W. Liebhardt

Carla Lightkep Stull

Connor J. Likos

Allison and John Liljestrom

Fati Limadi and Zerrick Bynum

Steven M. Lin

Kirsten Lindberg

Bradley P. Lineberger

David J. Lipsky

Nicole Lipsky

Nell P. List

Olivia H. List

Ann Rauch Little

Lauren J. Lizewski

Lisa Loberg

Rosemary Lobes

David and Amanda Lobosco

William Loeb

Lynn and John Loftus

Helena N. Logan

Alexandra N. Lombardo

Alejandra Londono

Aaron Long

Kelly A. Long

Mary G. Long

Maureen Long and Anthony Fiorini

Wendy S. Long

Kristi Lonheim

Shamera Loose

Suzanne Lopez-Calleja and Jorge Valdes

Juan Lopez-Rios

Michelle Loraine

Haley G. Lord

Brandon A. Losh

Margaret S. Lott

Brian T. Loughran

J. Mark Lovelace

Yoshika and Ivan Lowe

Ryan Lowry

Qi Lu

Margaret D. Luck

Carol E. Ludwig

Colene and Donald Lum

Paige Lundein

Gertrude A. Lyles

Bailey R. Lynch

Kylie M. Lynch

Jennifer Lyon

Ethel and Donald MacCallum

Craig J. MacDonald

Ana Christina MacHado Delano

Edyta J. MacIejowski

Kathleen MacKay

Heather MacKenzie

Scott Mackey

Alexis MacMillan

George MacPherson

Martha A. Madden

Ann L. Magennis

Spencer Mahoney

Nicole and Jad Mahsoob

Pamela and Dave Maier

Diana Mailly Bull

Elena I. Maldonado

Kara Malenfant

Kaitlyn C. Mallie

Bailey Maloney

Sean F. Maloney

Erica S. Maltz

Anamarie and Jeffrey Maltzman

Taylor D. Mancebo

Jordan A. Mancuso

Casandra and Eric Manfull

Morgan B. Manfull

Lily M. X. Manis

Michael Mankoff

Brenda and Steve Manos

Steven L. Mansberger

Deborah Mansfield

Susan and Robert Marceau

Marie C. Marchant

Erin R. Marckel

Carolyn Marcus

Clementine R. Marcus

Mario Marino

Mara and Stephen Marks

Kaylee A. Marquez

Christina and Ronald Marshall

Lincoln C. Marshall

Nicol and Scott Marshall

Tate A. Marshall

Kyle D. Martens

Andrea Martin

Casey Martin

Eleanor Martin

Ellen G. Martin

Julia Martin

Link Martin

Sharon and Gary Martin

Sarah Martinez

Elyn Marton

Robin M. Marx

Margaret Masar and Geoffrey Nichols

Michael R. Mascetti

Norma P. Masliyah

Jordan L. Mason

Reilly A. Mason

Ruth and Gregory Mason

Susan T. Massey

Nancy Mastin

Sarah E. Matherson

Jenna L. Matheson

Richard D. Mathewson IV

Emily M. Mathias

Andrea Mattey

Lorraine and David Matthews

Stephanie and Gerard Matthews

Erin and Matthew Matzkin

Laurel Maughan

Doris and Allen Maxwell

Stacey and Michael Maynard

James McAlister

John McAmis

Renee and John McAmis

Christine McAuliffe

Sarah F. McBee

Bernard J. McCabe III

Caroline McCabe-Springer

Valerie McCarthy

Paula McCarty and Alex Stege

Mary Alice and David McComb

Judith McConnell

Shaye K. McCoy

Phil A. McCreary

Angie and Kelly Mccunniff

Mark McDaniel

Julia G. McDermet

Marie and William McDermet

Michael J. McDonagh

Benjamin D. McElduff

John M. McElroy

Diana McFail

Kiera A. McGee

Andy McGinnis

Cassidy M. McGinnis

Helen L. McGlade

David T. McGough

Molli C. McGrath

Mary K. McGue

Allison McHenry

Krista and Stanley McKay

Erin McKeever

June McKinney

Jean and James McLaughlin

James McLean

Natalie McManus and Zduy Chu

Ryan McNamara

Margaret B. McNeill

Mary M. Meares

Mark Mearhoff

Morgan D. Mechling

Nilufer P. Medora

Sean E. Meeds

Dillon J. Meehleis

Karen and Richard Meenan

Natalie R. Meenan

Alexander A. Meister

Elizabeth B. Melin

Marta and William Melin

Katie E. Mena

Emily M. Mendenhall

Mikayla L. Merchant

Kelly Mertens

Judy Mertz

Pamela C. Messenger

Sandra Metcalf-Moore and Jayce Moore

Gabrielle B. Meyer

Richard Meystre

Yiqin Miao

Mia and Emory Michael

Melissa B. Michalski

Patricia and Paul Mickelsen

Jessica Mickey-Permut

Jacce Mikulanec

Helen and Joseph Milby

Sarah A. Milby

Jedediah Millard

Esther and Mark Millea

Carolynne T. Miller

Courtney B. Miller

David C. Miller

Ella J. Miller

Emily and John Miller

Harper L. Miller

Linda E. Miller

Ruth J. Miller

Susan and Wesley Milner

Melissa Minas

Sophia C. Minning

Mary Minton Scribner

Elizabeth Misero

Deborah G. Missud

David Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell

Monica Mitchell

Robert G. Mitchell

William J. Mitchell

Hannah M. Mize

Taro Mizutani

Anne Moelk

Taylor A. Mogavero

Jean G. Molentin

Luis David Molina Rueda

Aqib J. Momin

Dominique Monie

Heather Monroe

Sarah Morton Monroe

Sarah and Murphy Monroe

Anina M. Monteforte

Brenda and David Monti

Susan Moon

Daniel Mooney

Adrianne and Marty Moore

Madison H. Moore

Sydney N. More

Yesenia Moreno

Lillian P. Morgan

Esther Morin

Branden Morrell

Linda B. Morris

Patricia and Alfred Morrison

Courtney A. Morrison

Devin M. Morrison

Alyssa and Eric Morrissette

Briana P. Morse

Tanya and Michael Mosier

Margaret Moss

Jenny and Jim Mosteller

Kate A. Mosteller

Christine Mosvold

Erica Moyer

Michael C. Moyers

Jessie Muckle

Jennifer and Prithvi Mulchandani

Cristina L. Mulder

Beth Jo Mullaney

Olivia Munoz

Joy Munson

Derek T. Murakami

Martina Murialdo

Abigail M. K. Murphy

Danielle J. Murphy

Danika A. Murphy

Jessica Murphy

Ashley Murray

Gail Murray

Jessica Murray

Katja S. Myers

Valerie L. Nakao

Gregory A. Narleski

Christy and Thomas Nault

Leandra A. Nault

Thea Necker-Wachter

Robyn Needham

Shannon L. Neff

Shannah N. Nehrke

Robert Neild

Akasia S. Nelson

Kylee R. Nelson

Sylvia Nelson

Saralyn G. Nesseth

Erin and Thomas Neubauer

Naily Y. Nevarez Magana

Kendyll L. Neveau

Michael Neville

Susan and Kirk Nevin

Kenneth E. Newburger

Maura E. Newell

Susan and Thomas Newell

Jean Newfield

Elaine Newman and Steven Brill

Johny M. Nguyen

Sana T. Nguyen

Christina and Brett Nichols

Annemarie M. Nicieza

Casey G. Nicklaus

Kristin A. Niizawa

Tracey and Alan Niizawa

David Nimick

Nicole A. Nino

Elizabeth Nist

Stephen C. Nociti

Hannah Noel-Bouchard and Eric Bouchard

Naomi R. Nogowski

Michelle Normoyle-Dietz

Linda F. Novak

Morgan N. Novick

Carmen Nunez-Morton

Nicole Nwobodo

Jordan D. Nyman

Liz and Michael Nyman

Peter Nyssen

Marie Oamek

Lauren E. Oates

Fanny Obadia and Eliot Rubinov

Alexander J. Obed

James and Trisha Oberacker

Bridget M. O’Brien

John O’Brien

Mary W. O’Brien

Rachel R. O’Brien

Maureen A. Ocholla

Allison S. O’Connell

Erin L. O’Connor

Holly K. O’Connor

Tanja Odobasic

Deirdre O’Donnell

Leslie and David Offer

Lisa Offringa

Angela Oglesby

Grace O’Grady

Christine and Terrance O’Hara

Dena and Keith O’Hara

Erin O’Hara

Samantha V. O’Hara

Annie G. O’Keefe

Mark O’Keefe

Sarah Olson

Rene F. O’Malley

Emily E. Oneill

Kristina Oniszko

Laura R. Oprisch

Katherine Orlando

Jacqueline R. Orloff

Katrine B. Osterby

Scott Ostrom

Alexandria Otis

Sylvia Ott

Dorothy and Raymond Owen

Valerie and Robert Padgett

Laura and Brian Page

Aniket S. Palkar

Gary Palm

Brittany Palmer

Diana A. Palmer

Brianne and Mark Pan

Yadi Pan

Leslie J. Parent

Ann and Donald Parfet

Shauna and Matthew Parisi

Heejae Park

Adrian J. Parker

Elizabeth R. Parker

John Parks

Molly M. Parrish

Gayle and Richard Parry

Alice and Robert Partridge

Amy Partridge

Laura Partridge

Simran A. Parwani

Jorge Pastrana Brandes

Tanvi P. Patel

Catherine and Louis Patler

Cynthia and Richard Patterson

Emily A. Patterson

Jennifer L. Patton

Laura Paty

Jonathan R. Paulo

David Paulson

Kimberly Pavel and Richard Harrison

Samantha and Dan Pawlowski

Isabel T. Paxton

Linda Pazicni

Elizabeth B. Peake

Ann Pearce and Ellen Porter

Jesi Pearce

Merilynn and Craig Pearsall

Cynthia A. Pearson

Edward Peduzzi

Kristijan Peev

Kristen Pennell

Sydney Penney

Alexandra Pennington

Francie Perelman Burnham

Caroline E. Perlis

Darian M. Perov

Eleanor and Alan Perreiah

John M. Perretta

Clara J. Perry

Janaye L. Perry

Noel Perry

Robert Perry

David Peskin

Andrew Pessin

David Peters

Heather Peters

Dianne and James Peters

Meggan E. Peters

Debra and Gregory Peterson

Julie Peterson

Rachel Peterson

Steven Peterson

Dimitri G. Petrakis

Anna Petraskova

Christine Petrillo

Jake G. Petsch

Elizabeth A. Petty

Stephen M. Petty

Waldemar Pflepsen

Susan B. Phelps

Thomas P. Philbin

T. Ray Phillips

Angelina Piccoli

Eugenia R. Pickert

MacKenzie S. Pierce

Sandra Pierre-Kazi

Daniele and Donald Pierre-Louis

Brooke L. Pietrzak

Meghan Pifer

Keana K. Pigg

Zoe and Jeffrey Pinksa

Michele Pino and Michelle Kramer-Pino

Emily and Ezra Plank

Edwin Platt IV

Alexander J. Plaven

Carrie A. Playfair

Samantha Plunkett

Jonas N. Pohlmann

Lisa and James Polak

Susan and Albert Pollack

Kathleen Pond

Taylor Pond

Evelyn T. Pope

Carlee L. Porch

Wendy and Marc Portney

Jillian Powers

Alessandra A. Pratt

Elizabeth and Richard Pratt

Erika and Darryl Praul

Shalina S. Prescott

Jeanie and Dale Presley

Madison J. Prestine

Tatum R. Preston

Ryan R. Priddy

Natalie G. Prideaux

Ziyi Pu

Noelle Pugh

Richard A. Pursell

Margaret D. Pusch

Matthew P. Puskarich

Rena and Ray Putnam

Kathleen Pyko and John Schneider

Sara and John Quast

Ursula Quillmann

Kelli Quinlan and Martin Nordenfelt

Elizabeth Quinn

Laine B. Quinn

Letitia S. C. Quinn

Julianne and Michael Quinn

Wendy and Kevin Quinn

Sarah Rack

Jayden V. Rae

Janelle Rahyns

Donald Raleigh

Kira and Rahul Ramdas

Jeffrey Ramdass

Diego Ramirez

Laura Ramos

Jose L. Ramos Alvarez

Barbara Ramsey

Kiersten Randolph

Kim-Kay and Thomas Randt

Isabella M. Rappaccioli

Indra and Hirsch Rastogi

Evan M. Rauch

Kautilya Raval

Kylie Raven

Alexander D. C. Read

Matthew R. Ream-Jeffers

Clark Reddaway

Marna and Earl Redding

Sara K. Reed

Sarah and Ryan Reed

Jodi Reesman

Emily A. Regotti

Hailey J. Reiten

Teri Reiter

Jenni Remillard

Matthew R. Reminick

Barbara and Joel Renbaum

Madeline G. E. Rencher

Michel Renou

Kathrin A. Renschler

Chaser Reo

Tayler A. Reviere Verninas

Jessica and Scott Revlin

Karin A. Rex and John McGready

Lois Richards

Regan A. Richards

Aaron D. Richardson

Nancy and Buddy Richley

Sierra L. Rickford

Natividad V. Rico

Margaret Riddle

Loretta and Reuben Rieke

Michael Ries

Carra and Thomas Riley

Alyssa Ringler

Brianna I. Rivera

N. Steven Rivera

Sandra and Edgar Rivera

Mark Robbins

Kaitlin N. Roberts

Lee and David Roberts

Lisa and Mike Roberts

Lauren M. Robertson

Shawna and Andrew Robins

Amber R. Robinson

Amy and Calvin Robinson

Beth and James Robinson

Bonnie and Donald Robinson

Gary Robinson

Kathy and Mark Robinson

Nathaniel Robinson

Ashley M. Rocchio

Maria G. Rodas Urruela

Deborah Rodday

Gretchen and Greg Rode

Hannah C. Rode

Kurt G. Rode

Anna I. Rodriguez

Bryan J. Rodriguez

Danielle A. Roe

Hannah A. Roeder

Karen F. Rogers

Madeline M. Rogers

Ana J. Rogozinski

Debra E. Rolan

Sarah Rolle

Alexandria E. Rollins

Christina Romas

Courtney R. Romero

Giselle Romero

Paula and Kenneth Romero

Eden and Steven Romick

Rebecca Rondeau

Mary Ropka and John Philbrick

Ashley Roque

Devin J. Rose

Alison and Robert Rose

Barbara and Herman Rosenberg

Maxwell Rosenberg

Laura and Darren Roth

Marc Roth

Rachel S. Roth

Michele Hudson Rothe

Robin Rothell Christensen

Natasha C. Rouchon

Heidi and David Roupp

Ruth J. Rowedder

Bennett Royce

Ellen Rubenstein-Chelmis

Julia L. Rubinov

Cindy Ruby

Carol and Gerald Rucks

Lauren Rudaw

Catherine A. Rudwall

Arlo R. Rudy

Deborah Rushing

Mary Rusinow

Diane Rutherford Wilkinson

Cameron and Heather Rutherig

Daniel J. Ryan

Kaitlin M. Ryan

Kim and Paul Ryan

Selma P. Ryave

Deanne Rymarowicz

Cathy Sabol

Jill A. Sabol

Zaki A. Sabuwala

Karen and Mitchell Sack

Stacy Sadler

Carrie Saeger

Renee Safier and Patrick Summar

Collin R. Safly

Antoinette and Steve Saiget

Paul Salazar

Esther Sales and Patrick Doreian

Hannah L. Saltonstall

Melissa A. Samaniego

Hannah J. Samlowski

Kerri and George Samuel

Abigail Sanchez

Christina Sanchez

Olivia M. Sanchez

Emily Sandoval and Jacques Zalma

Maureen Sanemeterio

Gabriella R. Santillanes-Weber

Julia Sapin and Jeffrey Borsecnik

Abigail G. Sarnoff

Miku Sato

Michael Savas

Sally Sawtelle Otvos

Patricia and Keary Sawyer

Linda Scalia

Kellen A. Scanlan

Emily M. Scanlon

Shelby B. Scanlon

Josephine Schaefer

Cathie Schaet

Sherry and Stephen Schafer

William D. Schaff

Elliot Schaffer

Ethan O. Schelin

Sonia Schiantarelli and Tonny Tulleners

Peggy Schiavone and Stephen Harris

Courtney S. Schiffer

Erin J. Schiller

Grant M. Schindler

Stephanee and Daniel Schlachtenhaufen

Tonya and Daniel Schmidt

Eleanor A. Schmidt

William Schmidt

Joan and William Schneider

Susanna Schoeb

Herbert B. Schotz

Abigail N. Schrader

Danielle Schraner

Lisa Schrenk and Steven Weis

Catherine B. Schubert

Sophie and Michael Schubert

Ava R. Schulenberg

Faith C. Schultz

Ashlee A. Schulz

Christa Schulz

Donna Schuster

Carly R. Schwartz

Emily Schwartz

Phyllis L. Schwartz

Daria J. Scofield

Thomas J. Scorcia

Alexander N. Scott

Connie Scott

Donna T. Scott

MacKenzie L. Seaton-Todd

Jennafer and Edgar Seeley

Abigail L. Segel

Adam D. Seid

Wendi Selig-Aimonetti and Steve Aimonetti

Stacy Seligman Kravitz

Yvonne O. Sellick

Elizabeth J. Selva

Heather Semple

Jonah C. Seng

Stephanie and Christopher Seng

William C. Seng

Carol Senour

Faye and John Serio

Rebeca Serrano

Mark Shadle

Carrie Shaffer

Rajan M. Shah

Leila and Brian Shamas

Meaghan Shanahan

Karen Shane

Iris Shapiro

Jacklin R. Shapiro

Sydney M. Shapiro

Wendy and James Shapiro

Sylvia Sharp

Sadie Shaughnessy

William Shaw

Ellen and Samuel Sheldon

Suzanne Shelley

Anna M. Sherbin

Susan and Andrew Sherrod

Aparna Shewakramani

Stacey Shiffman

Susan Dillingham Shipp

Jenna P. Shippee

Lynn Shippee

Sonjia Sherman Short

Lev Shteinbock

Shallem Shteinbock

Liliana B. Shulman

Theresa Shupe

Christina V. Sibileva

Sarah Siegler

Sasha A. Sierra

William A. Sigle

Susan K. Sigman

Linda H. Silverberg

Amy Simes

Claudia and Robert Simmons

Kristen Simoes Condie

Monica Singh

Tammy and Kimo Singler

Aylin Sipahi

Michael Skalley

Sandra Skeeter

Kathy Skonieczny

Stephanie G. Skonieczny

Aimee L. Skornik

Madred and Jeffrey Slaker

Caroline Slattery

Megan W. Slaughter

Donovan T. Smalls

Emily C. Smart

Allyson Smith

Anaree W. Smith

Andrew Smith

Carolyn and Christopher Smith

Charlotte Smith

Christopher J. Smith

Dana Smith

Diane Y. Smith

Karla and David Smith

Keatten R. Smith

Louisa Smith Gilbert

Lydia C. Smith

Lynne Bedell Smith

MacKenzie B. Smith

Nicholas E. Smith

Rashan E. Smith

Robert R. Smith

Sandra and Robert Smith

Wendy and Sean Smith

William Smith

Claudia M. Smolinski

Rankin Sneed

Suzan and Mark Snodgrass

Shawn Snow

Betsy Snyder

Kevan Snyder

Bjorn R. Sogge

Liza R. Solarz

Christina M. Solimene

Charly E. Solomon

Carlos Solorzano

Aileen Soma

Theodora R. Sonnichsen

Murillo S. Soranso

Jackson M. Southard

James K. Spain

Lila Sparks Daniels and William Daniels

James Spates

Andrew P. Speck

Sandra and Mark Spee

Douglas Spicher

Joseph F. Spiess

Jillian P. Spike

Mary and Christopher Spivey

Anna M. Springs

Laurie Sprouse and Chris Cole

Joshua N. Spungen

Sydney B. Squire

Michaeline Srsic

Sarah J. St. Pierre

Marilynn Stabenow

Polly and Sam Stabile

Alexander K. Stackhouse

Mark Stahmer

Gregory Stanton

Olivia Stanton and Paul Harvey

Stephanie M. Starks

Tatiana S. Starr

Hilarie and Joe Staton

Toby Stauffer

Kelly and Andrew Stazi

Carri Stec

Ashley J. Stecker

R. Vladimir Steffel

Melanie S. Steiner

Diane Stephens

Lana and Larry Stephens

Jacob W. Sterling

Bobbi Stevens

Cindi Stevens Zarpas

Clare E. Stevenson

Brian L. Stewart

Floyce F. Stewart

Melissa Stewart and Bradley Whitehouse

Pam Stewart and Chris Wurst

Taryn B. Stewart

Lori Stiefel

Spencer Stiles

Kelsi V. B. Stimack

Salli and Robert Stockton

Melanie P. Stoeckle

Peter C. Stoffel

Garrett L. Stollar

Deanna and Terry Stollar

Cynthia M. Stone

Kevin P. Stone

Susan and Robert Stone

Hailey M. Stout

Lauren T. Stowe

Joseph Stoy

Jennifer Strauss

Steven Strauss

Jill Strauss-Waldman

Alice M. Street

Rachel K. Strelecky

Nicole Strong

Roselda Stubbs

Wendy and Brad Studt

Betsey and Gerry Stupiansky

Charlene F. N. Su

Colleen and Patricia Sullivan

Erin K. Sullivan

Riley M. Sullivan

Megan and Greg Sultan

Michael L. Sutherland

Lee and Phil Sutherlin

Callee Suvak

Brandon Swanson

Kathryn and Gary Swart

Alana N. Szilagyi

Carolyn Szoke and Stephen Pack

Emily V. Szyperski

Kelly E. Tafoya

Gail Takagi

Susan and Bradley Talt

Lucas Tamayo

Mark Tamis

Alexandra S. Tanaka Cuerden

Lucas C. Tan-Alper

Sydney L. Tankenson

Fuat Tanman

Samy S. Tann

Kevin Tanner

Ann P. Tarburton

Estefania Tarin

Mary Ann Tasker-Thompson and Kenneth Thompson

Zoe S. Tauxe

Tonita Tawzer

Alva L. A. Taylor, Jr.

Andrea Taylor

Cassandra M. Taylor

Frances A. Taylor

Gabriel A. Taylor

Lauren K. Taylor

Laurie and Thomas Taylor

Kathy and Roger Taylor

Sarah A. Taylor

Isabella D. Teague

Hailey Terrell

Laura and Christopher Terrill

Margaret M. Terry

Maaron Tesfaye

Anne E. Tessier

Sharon Testor

Shirley S. Thagard

Ellie M. Thang

Patrick E. Thom

Carol and Stephen Thomas

Isaiah J. Thomas

Jessica K. Thomas

Tracy Thomas

Christopher S. Thompson

Doris Thompson

Mary Lou and Doug Thompson

Sara Thompson

Sharon Thompson

Tracy C. Thompson

Arlene Thompson-Brantley and Daniel Brantley

Bryson C. Thomson

Kevin V. Thor

Cheyenne I. Thorpe

Blair I. Tieger

Noreen Tierney

Shannon E. Tierney

Susan and Michael Tierney

Griffin J. Tietz

Margaret E. Tigner

Elizabeth A. Tillotson

Kimberly A. Tobias

Donna Tobiassen-Baitinger and Zachary Baitinger

Kristel Todd

Jaree B. Todd

Philip Todd

Cathleen Toffoli

Emil K. Toft

Claire E. Tolan

William T. Toll

Yvonne and William Toll

Donna and Timothy Tolson

Christine A. Tomao

Dana and Loren Tomlinson

Nicole Torre

Dauri Torres

Erika J. Tower

Janet Towne

Jocelyn E. Toy

Sandra T. Trapani

Erin E. Trauth

Adahli Trejo

Timothy Trevan

Wenda Trevathan and Gregg Henry

Olivia K. Trezevant

Heather and Matthew Trotta

Bay V. Truong

Susan Trussler and David Black

Elizabeth B. Tryon-Ebert

Katherine R. Tschida

Bennie P. Tschirky

Alexandra P. Tulleners

Randi Le Gendre Turk

Lisa G. Turner

Zachary M. P. Turner

Elizabeth and Keith Turney

Jeffrey Tuttle

Juan C. Ucros Bautista

Mark Uhrich

Alanna Ulen

Stacey and Craig Ullom

Alison J. Ulrich

Jennifer and Douglass Ulrich

Jane Urbanski Robbins

Courtney A. Urzen

Kaitlyn M. Vail

David Vale

Mariana Z. Valencia

Michaela M. Valk

Marilyn W. Van Beek

Maureen Van Camp

Alexandra B. Van Cleave

Meghan Van Haute

Leah Van More

Thomas Van Stavern

Louise Van Vorst

Sydney S. Van Wulven

Scott A. Vanderpoel

Nicolas H. Varela

Aubrey E. Vaughan

Julia H. Vaughan

Gregory Vawter

Theresa Vecchio

Jeff Veden

Brian A. Verblaauw

Ethan R. Vermillion

Marguerite Vierra

Dana Villamagna

Natalie Virden

Michael Visenberg

Stephanie Visser

Michael J. Voecks

Victoria L. Vogel

Leah L. Voigt

Adrienne Volk

Jacob Volkmar

Beatrice Von Muralt Fourtune and Frederic Fourtune

Linda Vonboetticher

Lily C. Voyles

Ava L. Vucina

Mattie Vukmir

Sheila Wade and Michael Kaloyanides

Barbara Wagar and Stephen Hennessy

Margaretta Wagner

Tammie Addison Wagner

Thomas Wagner

Jessica Wagoner

Monica L. E. Waite

Kathleen Wakai

Jennifer L. Wakefield

Pamela Wakefield

Phyllis and Arthur Waldman

Samantha A. Waldman

Jeffrey Walker

Jean and James Wall

Samuel R. Wall

Vernon Wall

Kaitlyn M. Wallace

Richard H. Wallace

Colleen E. Walsh

Lynn H. Waltman

Linda Wanaselja

Zichong Wang

Sarah Waple

Lisa Ward

Rhonda Warnack and Padraic Ansbro

Kimberly Warner

Kateal T. Washington

Lindsay A. Wasserman

Jennifer Wasson

Micah M. Waterhouse

Evelyn Waterman

Brian D. Watson

Michelle and Jeffrey Watson

Caitlin Weaver Cuccia

Michael Weaver

Jo-an Webb

John W. T. Webb

Eric Weckenbrock

Gail and Robert Weigl

Krista Weih and Kevin Quirk

Meghan M. Weinewuth

Amanda L. Weinstein

Megan C. Weiss

Dawn and Michael Weiss

Phoebe E. Weiss

Susan Weitz and Gregory Intinarelli

Kelly Welch

Holly Welles

Heather Wellman

Cecilia Wells

Laura F. Wells

Agnes C. Wen

Martha L. Wendlandt Leal

Karine N. Werdmolder

Emily E. Werkmann

Judith Werkstell

Benjamin G. Wescott

Rebecca R. Wessel

Brenna M. Westergaard

Landon Westerlund

MacKenzie P. Westwood

Jess A. Wetsel

Patrick C. Wetton

Lacey R. Wetzel

Christine Whang

Thomas C. Whelan

Erica L. Whetston

Julian A. White

Julie White and Steve O’Reilly

Madeline E. White

Sarah A. White

Kathleen and Daniel Whitehurst

Therese Cleary Whiting

Maya N. Whitlow

Dianne Whittaker Lonergan

Madeleine B. Whitten

T. Stanley Widger

Ava S. Widicker

Edward Wiederhold

Elizabeth F. Wiegers

Victoria K. S. Wight

Marianne and Dennis Wilcox

Michelle Wilde

Madison A. Wilferd

Karye Wilhelm

Rebecca Wilkins and Chris Colborn

Savanna R. Wilkinson

Martin Willans

Catherine and David Williams

Fred Williams

Harper L. Williams

Jennifer C. Williams

Joshua C. Williams

Maisha Williams

Nancy and Craig Williams

Nicole A. Williams

Rhonda and Bennie Williams

Robert O. Williams

Suzanne Williams

Kevin D. Williamson

Samantha H. Williamson

Lindsay P. Willig

William R. Wills

Regina R. Wilmes

Alyssa R. Wilson

Eleanor M. Wilson

Jane and Charles Wilson

Jennifer Wilson

Melanie Wilson

Myrra Windau

Barbara Winson Riedel

McKenzie J. Wisdom

Kevin M. Wise

Megan E. Wise

Julia Wislocki

Hope E. Witaszak

Evan D. Witt

Nancy Witte

Adam Wiviott

Jacob C. Wiviott

Teresa and Jay Wiviott

Carole and Philip Wizer

Brooke Wojdynski

Paul Wolansky

Elizabeth C. Wolfe

Oliver Wolfe

Justine L. Wollman

Douglas Wong

Tsz Kuen Wong

Stephanie Woo

Amanda Wood

Ann R. Wood

Polly Wood

Rachel A. Wood

Samantha E. Wood

Susan and Anthony Wood

Wei-Ping and Alan Wood

Peter Woods

Alexander J. Worden

Bette and Wayne Worden

Karen S. Wosiski

Jenna N. Wozniak

Lisa Wray

Jacqueline C. Wright

Margie and Steven Wright

Lisa and Richard Wulwick

William B. Wurst

Malak A. M. Yacout

Rafael Yakobi

Kayla A. Yamada

Zihan Yang

Ruth Yanowitz Bohrer

Amanda M. Yardley

Tyler R. Yarnell

Stephanie K. Yasunaga

Adrienne L. Yee Linton and David Linton

Jay Yost and Wade Leak

Hannah E. Young

Sandra Young

Starr H. Young

Sydney E. Young

Kristin D. Zaccaria

Terri and Phil Zaccaria

Michael Zakhem

Jessica R. Zaksek

Alexandra W. Zapata

Patricio G. Zapata

Calliope M. Zarpas

Sonia Zaruba

John Zavodsky

Linda Zeh

Alyson R. Zhang

Tian Zhang

Zijin Zhang

Liying Zheng

Guangqi Zhou

Dianne and Marc Zimmer

Misha S. S. Zimmerman

Nicholas E. Zimmerman

Sage A. S. Zimmerman

Alicia M. Zimmermann

Raye and Lawrence Ziring

Cindy Zomchek and James Shirley

Seyburn Zorthian and Marc McGinnes

Dylan T. Zuccherino

Kelsey J. Zukowski

Erick Zurita

Brett Zwerdling