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Voyage Community Values

The Voyage Community Values* are the bedrock of every Semester at Sea voyage. Together they encapsulate the culture we aim to foster and the organizational vision we aim to achieve: to be an internationally recognized leader in forming global citizens who positively impact our interconnected world. This vision being realized is dependent upon every voyager embracing and enacting these values while on the ship and in port.

Well Being

We commit to the health, safety and well-being of ourselves, all members of our voyage community, and members of the communities we will visit.


We understand our actions and attitudes have an impact locally and globally. We always seek to positively affect the planet and the people around us near and far.


We honor the inherent dignity of all people with an abiding commitment to freedom of expression, scholarly discourse and the advancement of knowledge. We have the right to be treated, and the responsibility to treat others, with fairness and equity.


We ensure inclusive environments that welcome, value, affirm, and embrace all people within the shipboard community and in each port country.


We are honest and ethical in all of our interactions, including our academic work. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


We model the highest academic standards of preparation, inquiry, and knowledge and consistently seek to understand complex issues and express informed opinions with courage and conviction.


*These values are an adaptation of the Institute for Shipboard Education’s Organizational Values and Colorado State University’s Principles of Community.