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Fall 2022: European and Asian Adventure
Associate Professor

Adina Batnitzky

Discipline: Sociology
University of San Diego

Adina Batnitzky is Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of San Diego. She earned her B.A. in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at Barnard College, Columbia University; and her M.A. and Ph.D. in Sociology from Brown University, where she was a Population Studies Trainee (demography).

Before coming to San Diego, Adina was an Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin in the Department of Geography and the Environment.  She was also a Postdoctoral Fellow at Oxford University in the School of Geography, where she collaborated on research funded by the UK’s Economic and Social Research Council’s (ESRC) Gender Equality Network.

Her interdisciplinary research and professional experiences have all revolved around the intersection of gender, health and labor in a global/transnational context with a particular regional expertise and field experience in the Middle East/North Africa and Western Europe.  Her past research has included work on Arab-American health disparities; women’s health and household labor in Morocco; the built environment and obesity in India; food insecurity among East African refugees in Southern California; and embodied labor in London’s globalized service sector.  Local community-based research has included a project on the establishment of a direct seafood market in San Diego and its accessibility to diverse communities.  Her research has been presented and published widely in peer-reviewed journals across multiple disciplines including Sociology of Health and Illness, Gender, Work and Organization, Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, Cultural and Social, and British Journal of Industrial Relations, and Economic Geography.

Building on her two years of Peace Corps service in Morocco, Adina remains committed to community service, working collaboratively with diverse community actors, as well as students from diverse backgrounds.  Adina’s teaching reflects her interdisciplinary research interests, as well as her dedication to undergraduate education.   She regularly teaches introductory sociology courses as well as advanced courses in the areas of medical sociology, work and labor, human rights and gender.

Adina was born and raised in the Midwest, studied abroad in Jerusalem and Cairo, and has lived and worked in Tunisia, Morocco, England and Spain.  Committed to supporting students’ wellbeing inside and outside the classroom, Adina has also completed a Gottman Institute training and served as a Peace Corps Peer Counselor.

A former travel agent during her university years, Adina will happily brainstorm travel plans, troubleshoot travel logistics and engage in a game of “name that airport code.”  On board the ship, you will most likely find her spending time with her husband (fellow Semester at Sea Professor, Avi Spiegel) and their two daughters.  It is never boring at the Batnitzky/Spiegel dinner table as they debate current world problems, play multiple rounds of UNO, and plan their next family adventure.