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Alesia Slocum

Colegio Universitario De Estudios Financieros

Professor Alesia Slocum has developed her international career in both the academic and the business worlds. She obtained her Doctorate in Business Administration from Cranfield University near London while continuing to work full time as a European Marketing Director for a multinational logistics company. She also has degrees from U.C. Berkeley (BA Mass Communication) and from Johns Hopkins University (MA International Economics). She teaches management, entrepreneurship and marketing classes at both undergraduate and graduate level, principally at CUNEF (part of Complutense University) in Madrid, but also having previously taught at a number of other universities and training venues in Europe and the USA. She is a veteran Coleman Entrepreneurship Teaching Fellow and has published a variety of articles and books, including a co-authored book that explores ‘Asian vs. Western Management Thinking: Its Culture-bound Nature.’

In the logistics industry, she has held senior positions at companies such as Exel, MSAS, UPS, and DHL, working with services that included contract logistics, transportation, freight management, and courier. She was also instrumental in the development of integrated services in this industry, pioneering the marketing of integrated supply chain logistics. She has worked extensively in other B2B and service industries, including those of recruitment and selection, publishing, and management consulting. In addition, she is an entrepreneur who has started various small European businesses, one of which, a producer and distributor of wind-up radios and flashlights, was sold to a large multinational, and another, a small franchise, that continues after 15 years to be run by a former employee.

She is a national of both Spain and the USA, and although she has lived all over the world, she is currently based in Madrid. Alesia and her husband Paco have three children, aged between 20 and 30, who also live in different parts of the world. The whole family has a shared passion for travel and for getting to know new and diverse cultures.