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Chief Engineer

Anatoliy Gerasymenko


  • Odessa National Maritime Academy


Anatoliy was born in Odessa, Ukraine.  A born traveller, he wished to see the world and opted to join the Merchant Marine. He graduated from the Odessa National Maritime Academy as Marine Engineer in 1985 and started as 4th Engineer with the Black Sea Shipping Company. He was gradually promoted to 3rd Engineer, 2nd Engineer, 1st Engineer, and Staff Chief Engineer.

His first appointment to Chief Engineer was in 1994 on board the passenger vessel Karelia which was his 2nd cruise ship. He had a distinguished career in in that position before he joined Semester at Sea in 2007 on the program’s previous (5th) vessel, the Explorer. He loved the program and decided to remain with it for as long as he is able.

Anatoliy loves traveling with his wife and daughter and he occasionally partakes in solo fishing trips.