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Associate Professor

Ann Magennis

Colorado State University

Ann Magennis is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Colorado State University. Dr. Magennis received her PhD from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with a concentration in Biological Anthropology. She has worked for many years as a bioarchaeologist, analyzing human skeletal remains from prehistoric and early historic periods in various locations and time periods in the United States, Morocco, and Belize. Her interest has always been in assessing human health and welfare of human populations, whether by studying skeletal remains of past people or living, contemporary populations. Most recently she has been working with students analyzing the remains from an unmarked cemetery associated with the late 19th century Colorado Insane Asylum. In addition she is engaged in research projects in Merida, Mexico where she and colleagues are analyzing diabetes prevalence in residents of a neighborhood in the city as well as a neighboring town. She has taught a variety of courses in biological and biocultural anthropology including Human Origins and Variation, Human Osteology, Human Biological Variation, Social Determinants of Health, and Global Health, among others. I am really looking forward to the SAS voyage and to bring my enthusiasm, interests, and curiosity to share with others on the tip.