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Fall 2016: The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond

Fall 2016

The Mediterranean, Atlantic, and Beyond

Ann McKee

Ann McKee is  looking forward to her 5th Semester at Sea adventure as voyage physician having previously sailed in F98, Sp02, Sp 09 and F12.
She is an experienced board certified family medicine and geriatric physician who has enjoyed a  30+ year career at Group Health Cooperative in Seattle providing care for a diverse group of patients along the life span from prenatal care and delivering babies to pediatrics, adolescents,  and young adults through older adults.
She has been voted a Top Doc by Seattle Met magazine for multiple years.
She will be traveling with her husband Dale Hoff who has served as dependent school coordinator on previous voyages. Their 3 now adult children have been a part of the previous 4 voyages and wish they could sail again too.