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Spring 2023: Asian, African, and European Exploration
Physician Assistant

Dr. Ann Nora Ehret

Dr. Ann Nora Ehret is a seasoned Semester at Sea physician who has sailed on three full semesters and numerous reunion/ enrichment voyages since 2000.

She is an osteopathic family medicine physician, trained to serve remote/ rural communities. Her work has had a strong emphasis on emergency and maritime medicine.  She has worked at Iliuliuk Family Health Services, in the austere Aleutian Islands of Alaska, for the past ten years.

She also works as a Seadoc and fitness for duty physician for DiscoveryHealthMD, a maritime advisory and risk management company for fishing vessels, cargo ships and oil tankers around the world.

She brings a passion for and understanding of Semester at Sea, decades of full spectrum care for all ages and up to date critical care stabilization skills.

For more fun and adventure outside of work, she is active on the water or in the wilderness. She also has been covering call several times a year at  Rancho La Puerta, an international wellness destination in Mexico.

She and her husband, Captain Rick Fehst, a Bering Sea commercial fisherman, live in the City of Unalaska/ International port of Dutch Harbor. The locale was made famous by Discovery Channel’s series, Deadliest Catch.

Her superpower is “being comfortable with uncertainty, sprinkled with grit”. She is thrilled to be part of the team supporting the healthcare needs of our unique shipboard community, once again.