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Ariana Maki

University of Colorado Boulder

Ariana Maki holds a Ph.D. in Art History from Ohio State University, with specializations in Buddhist art and Islamic art and architecture. Currently, she is a lecturer in Art History and Religious Studies at the University of Colorado Boulder. Ariana’s research interests include analyzing the ways art contributes to the construction of sacred spaces, the various functions of art in ritual and practice, and how political motivations affect the creation of art and architecture.

Ariana sailed as SAS faculty in SP13, and has extensive experience researching and living abroad, including a long term residency in Bhutan between 2009-2012 as a volunteer with the National Museum and National Library.

Ariana is co-author and editor of the National Museum of Bhutan catalog, Artful Contemplation: Collections from the National Museum of Bhutan (2014), and editor of the forthcoming pilgrimage guide Seeds of Faith Vol. 7, which catalogues sacred sites in central Bhutan. In 2014, Ariana was one of six awardees of the American Academy of Religion’s International Collaborative Research Grant, which supports her study of historical artists in Bhutan.