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Teaching Assistant

Ashley Stevenson

Ashley Stevenson recently graduated from the University of Virginia with a Bachelors in Cognitive Science and a Masters in English. While at U.Va., she worked in the Rare Book School, the Writing Center, and the Science, Technology, and Society Department. Pursuing a lifelong interest, she also taught classes in paleontology, designing and initiating a course on dinosaurs and other Mesozoic lifeforms in order to satisfy the appetites of college students who, like her, never outgrew a childhood fascination with these extinct creatures. She embraces a wonderfully contradictory love of both language and science and has begun transforming these passions into a career in science writing.
Ms. Stevenson lived half of her life in Sydney, Australia and has travelled extensively during holidays. Always up for an adventure, she loves hiking, horse-riding, tree-climbing, star-gazing, and exploring any and all natural landscapes, but is just as happy curled up with a cup of Irish Breakfast tea while writing poetry or reading an engaging novel. A chronic condition of wanderlust surges through her blood, bred into her ancestry. Short of the Doctor’s TARDIS, she could imagine no better travel vessel than the MV Explorer and is thrilled to tackle the Atlantic as a teaching assistant alongside her fellow voyagers.