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Founding Director

Birgit Trauer

The Cultural Angle

Dr. Birgit Trauer draws on a breadth of experience accumulated over more than 30 years in both academia and industry.

Birgit holds a PhD in Tourism Management from The University of Queensland, Australia in which she focused on the nature of adventure tourism experiences to conceptualise special interest tourism. She has published in international academic journals and text books, and is now engaged in international webinars as a way to learn and share her insights.

Birgit has worked at a variety of universities around the world, including in the United Arab Emirates, Germany, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Canada. Her teaching portfolio comprised consumer behaviour, customer service, and marketing, as well as sustainability and ethics in travel and tourism, strategic management, events management and intercultural communication.

As the Founding Director of The Cultural Angle, Birgit continues to follow her passion of facilitating enriching learning opportunities. Her grounding in social psychology led her to write and publish her book ‘The Way of the Peaceful Traveller – Dare to Care and Connect’ in 2020, where travel and tourism serve as the vehicle for learning. Birgit believes that exploring the world around us and also within us, both in theory and practice, is the way for us to act with a thoughtful heart and a caring mind, not only when we travel but in our daily lives at home.

Birgit is a charter member of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT), a founding member of the World Tourism Network (WTN – previously rebuilding travel), a member (speaker and moderator) at, a member of the African Tourism Board (ATB) and the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).

On a more personal note: Birgit was born in Bremen, Germany and now is an Australian citizen since the mid-90s. She has two adult children: her son lives in Bremen, Germany and her daughter in Sydney, Australia. Birgit migrated to Australia as a young adult and only took up her higher educational studies as a mature age student. She loves to read while also being active in all kinds of sports and activities, enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, and of course – loves to travel as a way to continue to widen her horizon.

Birgit is most excited to be joining the Semester at Sea Spring 2022 and is looking forward to meeting everyone.