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Spring 2022: Mediterranean Exploration

Brenda Weber

Indiana University

Brenda R. Weber is a professor of Gender Studies at Indiana University in Bloomington, where she teaches courses on media analysis, popular culture, reality television, representations of the body, masculinity theory, and celebrity studies. Her motto for academic study is two-fold: “gender relates to everything!” and “follow your passion!” With these concepts in mind, she has published four books on gender, sexuality, and media culture, including Makeover TV:  Selfhood, Citizenship, and Celebrity and Reality Gendervision: Sexuality and Gender on Transatlantic Reality TV. Her most recent book, Latter-day Screens: Gender, Sexuality, and Mediated Mormonism, takes up the mediated presence of Mormons across the many platforms of media in the present moment, including film, stage, and novels as well as social media, YouTube, and podcasts.

Dr. Weber’s research typically requires that she work in front of television and computer screens, but she has traveled around the world presenting her findings and forming new connections with media and gender scholars in an international context. For her, both travel and education are life-changing experiences and so the opportunity to travel while teaching (and to teach about travel) promises excitement beyond measure. Dr. Weber has traveled several times with students, including trips to Europe and Japan, but this will be her first Semester at Sea voyage. The study of gender involves making connections and actively working to forge new possibilities and innovative solutions. What better than Semester at Sea to foster that mindset!