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Spring 2023: Asian, African, and European Exploration
Dean of Student Life

Bridgette Johnson

Bridgette Johnson believes perspectives are amongst millions based on environment, experiences and identities.  She challenges herself and others to look beyond what appears to be the obvious, understanding we see the world not as it is but as we are. She currently serves as the Managing Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion for Student Success at Colorado State University.   She has worked in Higher Education for almost 30 years in the area of Student Success, Enrollment and Access, OEO, Student Retention and Social Justice and Inclusion.  She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a minor in Political Science from the University of Wisconsin at Parkside and Masters of Science in Student Development Personnel Administration from Concordia University in WI.  Born and raised in WI, but now calls Colorado home.  She encourages self and others to look at life humbly and with a critical eye in order to make a difference, not be the difference.

While Bridgette has traveled with her family, she established an education abroad experience targeting marginalized students so they can gain an understanding of global development as it relates to socioeconomics, the arts, health, the criminal justice system and education. These opportunities have been to Ghana, West Africa as well as St Petersfield Jamaica.  This Semester at Sea voyage will continue to help her understand how the American culture interconnects with other cultures and she is very excited to share this experience with students faculty and staff as well as grow as a person professionally and personally!