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Teaching Assistant

Caitlin Guszkowski

Caitlin is a linguist finishing her Masters Degree in the University of Virginia Anthropology Department.  She completed her undergraduate linguistics degree at the University of Wisconsin with minors in Portuguese and French.  Previous to her academic career she spent a year in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil as a foreign exchange student and musician in the Amazonian Youth Orchestra.  Following her graduation from the University of Wisconsin she studied French, Arabic, and Islamic culture in Morocco throughout the Arab Spring.  Her current studies are focused in sociolinguistic discourse analysis, primarily examining identity projections and world building techniques of discourse.  Her master’s thesis is on the speech acts of the weight loss industry in mainstream American culture and the identities they create.  She has taught in the Linguistics and Media Studies Departments at UVa.  She hopes to pursue a PhD in sociolinguistics upon completion of her Masters Degree and continue to teach and research the ways in which language and discourse build our world.