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Spring 2020: A Voyage of Discovery
Faculty Lecturer

Candace Calsoyas

University of California, Santa Cruz

Candace Calsoyas, Ph.D. is a faculty lecturer at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC). She teaches seminars with a focus on the environment and culture. She has supervised interns in agroecology and sustainable practices and has taught the Senior Exit class for Environmental Studies majors and the Rachel Carson College Core course.

Her background and study of the environment stem from her experience as an organic farmer and as a founder of the organization California Certified Organic Farmers. On her farm, Candace has developed farming practices to have minimal impact on wildlife, soils, and plants. The unfenced land has native vegetation and wildlife corridors.

Dr. Calsoyas’s academic interests, the relationship between people and the environment, evolved into her dissertation which is a study of women’s relationship to land in literature. In teaching environmental literature at UCSC, she has come to realize the importance of the western legacy of environmentalism; the American history of grassroots movements and environmental advocacy benefits countries where the environment is less valued and serves as a basis and model for those in other countries to connect to their own land and agriculture.

Candace is now taking her experience worldwide and has received Fulbright scholarships to teach in Albania, Greece, and Bhutan. She is also an editor of a literary and arts magazine, Catamaran Literary Magazine published in Santa Cruz, California.